What threatens FC Bayern after the protest of the SC Freiburg?

What threatens FC Bayern after the protest of the SC Freiburg?

FC Bayern must be about the three points of the 4: 1 victory in the Football Bundesliga at the SC Freiburg. How is the changeover error of the record champion now continue? Who decides? What threatens Bayern in the worst case? And when is a decision to expect?

The Breisgauer had appealed against the rating of the game because the German record champion in the game on Saturday temporarily twelve players had on the court. The case is now in the competence of the courts court of the German Football Confederation.

The most important questions and answers at a glance:

  • What happened?

Bayern had in the game last Saturday shortly before the game for 16 seconds twelve players in the square. The bug for this is primarily looking for the impartial for referees Christian Dingert (Lebecksmühle). After two days of reflection, Freiburg has decided for an appeal.

  • How does the procedure run?

SC Freiburg - FC Bayern München 1-4 | Highlights | Matchday 28 – Bundesliga 2021/22

The courts court decides about it. First, the body will catch up with the opinions of all participants. Then it must be decided whether it will be a purely written procedure or it comes to a hearing. How long this process takes is open. In the past, the General Court tended to an oral proceedings for important and controversial issues in the sense of transparency.

  • Who is decisive?

The courts court is guided by its chairman Stephan Oberholz. The Leipziger, who was only a few weeks ago the office of his long-standing predecessor Hans E. Lorenz, is therefore demanded for the second time in his still short term in a delicate case. Finally, Oberholz had last already the verdict of the Bochum mug throw.

  • Why did Freiburg appealed?

Hardly enough for the SC left. Finally, a refrain from the club, which has even opportunities to participate in the Champions League, at the end of millions of costs. This in turn could lead to the need for the club leadership of another side legally addressed.

  • How will the verdict look like?

The whole thing is a precedent. And although the Bayern responsible persons pointed out emphasized, everything appears possible. Even experts are uncertain which paragraphs are to be applied for the factual standard violation. From a refusal of the opposition to a repeat play up to a rating for the Freiburg, each judiciary is conceivable.

  • What happens according to the verdict?

The courts court is merely the first instance. The inferior can use an appeal to the Federal Court. Only a finally recognized verdict would take a look at similar incidents in the future for legal certainty.

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