FC Schalke 04: Confusion to interest in Nationalkeeper

FC Schalke 04: Confusion to interest in Nationalkeeper

Still, it is unclear whether the FC Schalke 04 continues to play in the 2nd league in the coming season or creates the most demanded Bundesliga climb. Nonetheless, the personnel planning runs in the background. According to rumors, a freshly baked national goalkeeper plays a role, but other sources contradict.

With Austrians in the gate, FC Schalke 04 has made good experiences in recent years. Routinian Michael Langer introduces itself as a number three for years in the service of the team.

Last summer, with Martin Fraisl, another loser from the Alpine Republic. In the shortest possible time, the 28-year-old conquered a regular place and repressed Routinier Ralf Ferryman on the bench.

Martin Fraisl: Ehrgeizig, ehrlich, emotional | Ortstermin | FC Schalke 04

Conflicting messages for the interest of FC Schalke

According to a media report, in the summer, the next keeper from Austria could find the way to Gelsenkirchen – especially since Fraisl’s one-year contract expires and an extension of the contract is currently not in sight.

Like the journalist Peter Linden from the “Kronen Zeitung” first-hand want to know, Schalke is the services of the 25-year-old new national goalkeeper Patrick Pentz.

Since autumn, Schalke’s Martin Fraisls director Rouven Schröder has been the native Salzburger, whose contract at Austria Wien expires and therefore would have been free transfer, “in mind”, it says in the report.

However, “SKY” contradicts this presentation and claims that the speculation is “nothing tuned”.

Great competition for FC Schalke 04

Just a few days ago, Pentz had celebrated his debut in the chest of the Austrian national team – the reward for a hitherto strong season, in which he had kept his goal clean in seven of 29 games for Austria.

Whether the ShootingStar would be willing to change even in case of non-rise to FC Schalke 04, meanwhile, it is unclear. Several first divisions from Europe should also promote Pentz.

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