Wow: Restrictions in the Creation Catalyst

Wow: Restrictions in the Creation Catalyst

Animal sets have always been an advantage in WOW, which makes this armoring thing particularly desirable, namely the setbonus. That we can produce in Shadowlands with patch 9.2 since the latest missing set parts over the creation catalyst itself , is therefore a very welcome way for players to complete their sets without a praise in the RAID convenient and thereby benefit from the setboni. However, the thing with the creation catalyst has a hook that you should necessarily keep in mind.

No bonus for non-set items

Basically, you can convert all armor parts in the creation catalyst, apart from rings, gems and necklaces. However, not all converted items receive one of the coveted setboni. Because these bonuses are only available for items that are actually set-slots. This means: Only helmets, chests, shoulder pieces, gloves and pants receive a set bonus. For bracers, shoulder, belt and boots there is no bonus!

Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to convert objects in the creation catalyst that does not get a setbonus. Because the item that transforms you will receive new secondary values. So you have an item in your possession, with whose values you are not satisfied, you can bring the creation catalyst to use.

So it applies: eyes on the Item transformation! Consider exactly whether it is worth using your cosmic flux for non-animal set objects. Do you already have a complete kit with all bonuses, but the conversion of other slots but certainly makes sense if you want to optimize your equipment.

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