Fronts between BVB and Karim Adeyemi hardened?

Fronts between BVB and Karim Adeyemi hardened?

The poker around Karim Adeyemi is always approaching. The best cards are attributed Borussia Dortmund, but it is apparently not yet.

As “Sky” reports, RB Salzburg and the BVB have achieved an agreement this week. Accordingly, there were numerous, negotiations finally counted the breakthrough.

The clubs, according to the TV channels, have met with a fee of 35 million euros. At the black and yellow, Adeyemi is to sign a five-year contract. Most recently, it has always been that BVB wool no more 35 million euros, while Salzburg consists of 45 million euros.

But the whole thing has a big hook: For contract details, the BVB and the Austrians are still far apart from the report. Especially with clauses and bonus payments has not been found yet.

According to the TV station, the “fronts are currently hardened”. In addition, Adeyemi parallel to the BVB negotiations talks with RB Leipzig, FC Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain.

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In his thursday edition, the “kicker” had reported that Adeymi also continues to be in FC Bayern’s focus. The 20-year-old national player will be discussed in the responsible “controversial” as a possible successor to Serge Gnabry, which so far rejects an extension of his 2023 contract and traded at Real Madrid.

Adeyemi to BVB? “I have no idea myself”

Adeyemi himself had recently expressed restricting the speculation. Explicitly asked by “Sky”, as it looked around the athletic future from the summer, could and did not want the DFB-Youngster to be concrete: “My focus here, so I can not give things out of things. I have no idea myself What I should say, “says Adeyemi, who laid the topic laid.

Adeyemi has an ongoing contract at RB Salzburg until 2024. Its upcoming farewell to the club towards a European top league, all foresight to the Bundesliga, but is considered safe.

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