Lost Ark, new update: exit from the dated larger and rewards, our guide

Lost Ark, new update: exit from the dated larger and rewards, our guide

A new maintenance for Lost Ark, rewards, confirmation of the arrival date of the latties? That’s all that has been announced tonight on the game. Let’s look together the details in our guide to Lost Ark.


The big update of the month of April did not arrive on Lost Ark yet, but she could not delay. In the meantime, Amazon Games announces a maintenance, precisely to prepare the latter, but also rewards, and confirms the arrival of the laundry, which promises to be excellent on April 21! Do not forget to get your premium gaming awards and let’s see Amazon Games together.

Deep modifications for the next update

Amazon Games Posted, a few hours ago, a news on the official website of Lost Ark. It confirms that an update will take place for some modifications, with obviously a maintenance from 9am until 17h, to make changes to the internal structure of the game, in order to prepare the update which will arrive during the month. There will also be a week of rewards and a confirmation of the release date of the latties, the new class that will be available on the global version this month.

The release date of the laundry

A few hours ago, the official Twitter of Lost Ark posted a mysterious.gif… Well, we think I can guess without being mistaken that the lance = the lattice, and that the date of April 21 posted here corresponds to the date of Release of the new class of Lost Ark, which you were talking about here. A maintenance will probably take place during its implementation, but you have only one week to wait before putting shots at a distance!

A new presence reward event in play

Finally, to reward the players (and no doubt so that those who complained that the previous event of the genre rewarded only on 25 days, and not over a full month), Amazon Games announces a week of rewards, which here is the list:

* Regulus X 5 light currency box 5
* Box of combat objects x3
* Phoenix x 30 feather
* Material Material Selection Chest X 2
* Bond x 3 essence
* Instant validation pass of daily task x 5

This event will take place from April 14 to 21. Consider the rewards!


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