The new rumors about the date of launch of PlayStation VR2 are not very positive

The new rumors about the date of launch of PlayStation VR2 are not very positive

Last January, Sony’s official blog announced the arrival of its brand new virtual reality viewfinder, PlayStation VR2 . With the aim of offering an improved and increasingly immersive experience to players, the PSVR2 aims to be a true jewel of technology, with its OLED screen and a field of view of 100 degrees at 4K HDR.

The design is inspired by the PS5, for which the virtual reality goggles help shape that brand image. Therefore, players from all over the world are anxious to immerse themselves in the immersive universe that PlayStation VR2 will offer and, in particular, in the first virtual reality experience that will be launched with the project: CALL OF THE MOUNTAIN , A spin off of the Horizon saga. But there is still a lot to know.

PlayStation VR 2: Everything we know

When will PlayStation VR2 be launched?

Until then, Sony teams have not advanced any concrete launch date, nor price either. Apart from the design of virtual reality glasses and their performance, recently presented, players did not really know what to expect… until a video revealed a little more.

On YouTube, the channel _ “PSVR Without Word” published a video that suggests that the launch date of PlayStation VR2 would be scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. According to them, they would have a reasonable number of sources that confirmed this output window.

Until then, Sony’s teams had hinted at an end-of-year launch, which would have been perfect for the Christmas season. Therefore, the impatient will surely have to wait because the comments made in the YouTube video in question were backed by Ross Young , CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, which helps companies obtain electronic components and / or Technology

Scary of components

Therefore, Ross Young is supposedly linked to the production of PlayStation VR2. In an article that he cites in one of him is mentioned the shortage of AMOLED panels , with a pixel density never before seen for this type of components.

A shortage that would slightly delay the production of the PLAYSTATION VR2 and, therefore, would confirm a launch at the beginning of 2023. However, This information has not yet been confirmed by Sony , so it should be taken with tweezers. Although Ross Young is effectively linked to many companies in the digital industry and new technologies, nothing is official until the Japanese company has supported the Affirmations of the CEO.

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