Pokemon Karmesin & Purple: Leak promises a lot of new content and monsters

Pokemon Karmesin & Purple: Leak promises a lot of new content and monsters

Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur is to get exciting features around type changes and more new pocket monsters as previous editions. That suggests at least a Chinese leak.

Pokémon Karmesin & Purple: What is well known?

All facts about Pokémon Karmesin & Purple at a glance.

  • Genre: RPG, Adventure, Open World

  • Setting: New region based on Spain

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch

  • Publication: end 2022 (presumably, like previous games, at the end of November)

  • Developer: Game Freak

Myths & Monsters - Trailer - Netflix [HD]

Leak says: There are many new monsters and features

At new content, Pokémon Karmesin & Purple should not be lacked – at least when it comes to a Chinese leak. According to this, you expect over 130 brand new Pokémon.

That would be the largest number of newcomers since the fifth generation. Black & white had a whopping 156 new monsters. Since then, there were less and less than 100th and regional forms are supposed to come thumbnail: Tauros is to be so for example to a minotaur and a mouse-Pokémon should also be planned to remind the tooth fairy.

Also exciting is the leak to a new gameplay element. Allegedly, under certain circumstances, it should be possible to change the type of Pokémon. (Source: YouTube / Switchforce)

Which Pokémon are already confirmed?

The Announcement Trailer introduces the three starters of the ninth generation : Felori (type plant), crocal (type fire) and kwaks (type water). As in every Pokémon game, you will probably be allowed to choose a companion here, which accompanies you on your adventure.

_Ein first look at the starters you can catch in the trailer: _

Fans also speculate about how the last stages of development of the three creatures could look like. The trailer should provide a note on it:

The trailer also includes the following Known Pokémon’s past editions : Staralili, Hopppross, Lilminip, Enton, Driftlon, Mauzi, Wablu, Pikachu, Heiteira, Vipitis, Magnetilo, Larvitar and Lucario.

Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur Pre-order

Although there is no exact date to the release, you can pre-order the two versions already in different online markets:

How the two games differ from each other is not yet known. At Amazon you can cancel your order but at any time.

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