Vitaly Janelt: Flick was because of me in London

Vitaly Janelt: Flick was because of me in London

U21-Europameister Janelt bei BILD Live über die Premier League und Ronaldo
The word “league” comes almost about his lips, until Vitaly Janelt notes, that as a football professional, you always have to be twice and triple carefully. But the U-21 European Champion knows: With twelve points ahead of a relegate place, promoted Brentford the league will hardly take six games before the end.

“The 48 hours were not so wrong”

Since he moved from VfL Bochum to West London in October 2020, it goes steep uphill for Janelt. Only the climb about the play-off final with the “bees”, then the 2-0 starting victory against Arsenal at the first Premier League game of the club after 74 years, a goal in the spectacular 3: 3 against Liverpool and the contract extension By 2026 – Garnished with a double pack for 4: 1 victory at FC Chelsea only one day later. “The 48 hours were not so wrong,” smells Janelt in the Premier League interview (Thursday issue).

The development, which also Janelt so did not come to see, leads so far that national coach Hansi Flick has the 23-year-old now on the radar. “I met him by chance when we played at Arsenal in February,” explains Janelt. “He went on the way to me in the tunnel, and we squatted briefly.” A little smalltalk, but also Tacheles. “Because Bernd Leno sat at Arsenal on the bench, it had to be because of me. He has confirmed that too.”

“I think he has me on the screen”

Unfortunately, Janelt was charged at that 1: 2 from the point of view of the climber for the first time when he was fit, on the bench. There was no contact with the national coach since then, “but I think he has me on the screen”.

_ As he experiences Christian Eriksen’s return as close-up, as Brentford passes through against funding clubs and why the double pack against Chelsea was not his season highlight: the whole interview with Vitaly Janelt read on Thursday in the Premier League -or-or from Wednesday evening in the emagazine! _

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