The Lord of the Rings: A brand new figure of the upcoming series reveals

The Lord of the Rings: A brand new figure of the upcoming series reveals

Information, pictures and a first trailer: Slowly but surely the marketing machinery comes around the new Lord of the Rings Series “The Rings of Power” to roll and feed fans with appetite coasters, the series start on 2. September Depending on the mind appears closer or much further in the distance.

On Twitter, the official account of the series now published pictures of a brand new figures , which is also likely to present diehard fans of the books. Away from the names and the pictures, however, one served unfortunately no context, the exact role of the character in the Lord of the Rings Universe will only reveal itself in the series.

A brand new Lord of the Rings figure ensures controversial discussions

The freshly revealed characters are Theo , but there is also a new picture of the already known Bronwyn . While the in a long red robe on a mountainous river in New Zealand or medium-so-majestic pregnant, theo looks in the distance, theo looks at something that is either a broken sword or a damaged rod.

Two new images from Rings of Power | The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime

Despite the thin information situation, the figure announcement has managed to call some annoyed fans on the plan. In the comments of the Twitter article some complain about the name “Theo” and point out that this is not at all after a Tolkien character.

Further criticism harvested the announcement for the photos that describe some fans as generic and that it lacks unique selling points for the Lord of the Rings Universe . It also complains that the series introduces too many new figures, although Tolkien’s works offer such a huge range of unused characters.

With regard to the last criticism, some comment recorder also called the Silmarillion , which so far no cinematic implementation. Like the showrunner in an interview with vanity fair recently, but you do not have any rights, which explains why no figures for the new series snapped.

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