The best builder of Hammerzerker at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The best builder of Hammerzerker at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands allows players to mix and select classes for creating unique combinations, and one of the Clawbringer pairs, Hammerzerker, unites their abilities with BRR-Zerker. Here is the assembly that uses this combination of classes, focused on hand -to -hand combat.

What is the best Hammerzerker build in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

This build of Hammerzerker effectively uses the power of close combat to crush opponents, especially at lower levels of chaos, and is a great way to go through the content of the early game.


Playing for a hammer, it is best to give priority to strengthening the weapons of close combat and spontaneous strengthening, especially, oath of fire, an oath of thunder, wildness, thrill, indomitability and storm of storm.

There are four actions described gearboxes for players to choose from Hammerzerker, which you can see below:

Cleansing flame *: Claws call their hammer and hit them on the ground, causing damage in close combat to all the closest enemies. This attack creates a ring of fire, which causes damage from the ability of fire to all closest enemies.
* The justice of the storm dragon: the claws calls the reduced version of their hammer and throw it into enemies. This attack causes damage from the ability of lightning to all the enemies that concerns, and remains where it lands. The hammer every second causes continuous damage from lightning to all the closest enemies. Players can withdraw the Clawbringer hammer earlier to return part of the recovery time.
DREVIND : BRR-Sterker rotates, cutting everyone nearby with his weapons of near-battle. BRR-grains receive increased speed of movement and immunity to slowing down for a limited time.
Wild surge : BRR-Sterker jumps to the target, causing damage from the magic of ice to all the closest enemies. Any enemies who are not bosses who have less a certain percentage of health are instantly killed, and the murder with Feral Surge drops the recovery time.

We recommend using a storm dragon Court of the ** since this ability offers the greatest versatility and gives the players a powerful version of the near -battle.

Equipment and Chara

First of all, this is your armor. You will need a legendary robe that improves the abilities of the BRR-Sterker and Claws. We went with the commander’s spoiled armor of the chaotic break, which we acquired while running in the hall of Chaos.

One part of the equipment that we considered reliable in this assembly is mirror with slap in the face which has a 75% chance to reflect bullets and arrows towards attacks, when the amulet is active, and increases the reloading speed when the amulet is depleted.

Use spells that improve total damage , Damage in close combat , * or * spontaneous damage after the start of the skill of action to significantly increase your strength and encourage the regular use of the hammer.


Although the weapon is not so important for this assembly, you need to make sure that you have reliable equipment for the near and medium radius of action, since Hammerzerker is excellent in close combat. Our personal favorite is the snow kingdom of the riveting arrows, which collapses the rain of arrows on enemies nearby.

Chaos 20 HammerZerker build! | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands!
A great submachine gun for those who seek to shred enemies with flesh. Crossing the flaming salvo of voids, with a large store and constant fire of queues.

Although it is not as effective as when starting, Slapping liquid cooling of impatience is still a good option for those who are interested in maintaining fire for as long as possible. This weapon cools with critical strikes, which makes it weapons, which can shoot almost endlessly if you aim at the right place.

The rainbow bakery Lil K from the haunted castle shoots with saws and baguits in alternating fire modes and has significant firepower. However, this weapon consumes ammunition, since each shot requires three bullets.

We recommend using the launch of the crusher stick as a weapon of close combat, as its close -up attacks impose the following positive effects:

Snake stick *: Attacks in close combat cause a nearby companion, which inflicts damage in close combat for 6 seconds.
Warrior *: attacks in close combat increase the decrease in damage and inflicted damage in close combat by 8.0% by 10 seconds. Folds 5 times.

Do not forget to add spells that further increase the effectiveness of each weapon in battle.

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