Werder Bremens Jiri Pavlenka: We can do that

Werder Bremens Jiri Pavlenka: We can do that

Jiri Pavlenka is already trying to express himself a little more diploma here and there. “I hope we can do it,” he says first about an ascent of SV Werder. Or that you would have to look from “game to game”, with the game on Friday evening (6.30 p.m.) against Holstein Kiel being “the most important”. But the Bremen goalkeeper cannot hide really well that he is actually completely convinced of the direct Bundesliga return of his team.

“I know that we can do it,” emphasizes the Czech on Wednesday – and increases in his statements from time to time. Secretly, the 30 -year -old is already imagining, with two victories in the home game against Kiel and the next weekend in Aue to bring the ascent to the roof and subject – that it could be “already clear”.

Pavlenka: “We can stop”

Pavlenka already points out the dangers of the Kielers as an upcoming opponent because the remaining class is considered secure, they are “not under pressure”, can be freed – and Werder could be annoyed in their own stadium: “This is the greatest motivation. ” On the other hand, however, the keeper replies when asked who Werder could still stop on the way to the Bundesliga: “We can stop.”

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contractual matters? The climb is going on

Pavlenka is certain “that we have the best team in the 2nd league. It will only be about us.” And means that Werder has everything in his own hand, but has to “really focus”. That, he again assures, will guaranteed to be the case. “We can do it,” he emphasizes again. The ascent – this is the only matter that is currently interested – despite his expiring contract at the end of the season.


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national team: “If I want a chance…”

He has also already let his consultant know that he only wants to concentrate on that days – which of course is also related to the fact that for Pavlenka a Werder future is only a league higher. “I like this city, this club. And if everything goes well, I can imagine it,” he emphasizes-also with regard to his perspectives in the Czech national team: “The Bundesliga is one of the top 5 leagues. When I have a chance I want to have to be number one, I have to play there. “

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