After YouTube now also Twitch? Streaming platform threatens advertising

After YouTube now also Twitch?
 Streaming platform threatens advertising

After YouTube has been increasingly relying on advertising for some time, Amazon now wants to follow suit. As a report by Bloomberg suggests, its streaming platform Twitch is to be overhauled in relation to the partner program. The focus is to be on the profit and thus more advertising among top streamers. We explain what all of this means.

Twitch: Is there any more advertising soon?

According to a report by the Bloomberg industry portal, Amazon’s streaming baby twitch is currently discussing changes in monetizing their top streamer . As Insider report on the portal, the whole measure aims to increase the profits of the platform. (Source: Bloomberg)

For this, the most lucrative channels should switch more advertisements. The planned changes could even be rolled out this summer . However, nothing is still in dry towels, so far it has only been plans from Twitch. These could also be rejected.

'Bloomberg Surveillance: Early Edition' Full (04/22/22)

Various TWITCH employees also see a disadvantage for the users in the new focus and the platform no longer have the needs of the community in mind. After the streaming platform has set up growth for several years, Financial sustainability should now take the place.

_Not only with Twitch and YouTube is about money. Some publishers of the video game industry also rely on large dollar signs: _

What changes for the streamers?

Not only to play advertisements should be screwed, the entire partner program should be revised. Instead of the previous distribution of 70 percent of subscribers in top streamers, it could only be 50 percent ** in the future. A larger piece of cake for Twitch.

A new animal system is also under discussion, in which streamers are sorted using various criteria. In return, the content creators are to be released from all ** exclusive rights of their contracts. From then on, you could also start with live streams at competitive sites such as YouTube or Facebook.

While the revenues are supposed to shrink with the subscription model, the ** installments that have been untouched for ten years are increased for advertising. This makes it more attractive for streamers to actively start advertisements during their live stream. The more advertising minute, the more money.

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