Bochum stays in it: a fairy tale for football

Bochum stays in it: a fairy tale for football

Most experts did not trust the traditional club from the district more than a short intermezzo in the Bundesliga after promotion in 2021. VfL had spent eleven long years in the 2nd league and therefore missed the connection in terms of sport and financially. The example of Bochum clearly shows how you also put together a team with little financial means that can survive in the Bundesliga. In contrast, in contrast to the financially similarly situated co-promoted Greuther Fürth.

Lionel Messi x Fairytale | Copa America 2021
In summer, only loan transactions and transfers were free of charge in the summer. The core of the team has grown together for years and has always been sensibly supplemented; As usual, VfL scored with unity and cohesion – with the crowning glory after the 32nd matchday.

The Bundesliga returnee was not deterred by setbacks. After the climb, playmaker Robert Zulj left the club, since the 4th matchday top scorer Simon Zoller failed because of the cruciate ligament tear until the final phase of the season, and the most important central defender, Maxim Leitsch, was almost missing during the entire first half of the season due to constant calf problems. Especially after the first days of the game, the doubts increased whether this team was compatible with the first division. At the latest after 0: 7 at Bayern, the highest Bundesliga defeat in the club’s history, VfL initially stuck in the table cellar.

Typical Bochum: Those responsible remained calm, head coach Thomas Reis initiated the necessary corrections. The route was clear anyway. The VfL usually appeared courageously, refrained from barricading himself in his own half, playing extremely robust and disgusting, but also offered considerable football.

Reimann’s late debut – Losilla rather reserved leader

Of course, it helps that the routine team had little to no Bundesliga experience, but defended their place in the highest German class with huge commitment and enthusiasm. This applies, for example, to Manuel Riemann, who only landed in the Bundesliga at 33, but immediately belonged to the best keepers in the country, as well as the rather reserved leader Anthony Losilla, striker Sebastian Polter, the full -back Cristian Gamboa and Danilo Soares.

Hardly disturbing parameters were hardly significant. No team plays so many long balls, the team’s running values are rather moderate, the pass rate is the weakest in the league. But the respect of her opponents developed this group with great resistance and enthusiasm on the pitch. Without stars and with great passion, VfL Bochum secured another year in the Bundesliga and wants to continue to stabilize there. The basis is available, a large staffing is not to be feared, but at least two young central defenders have aroused desires.

Bochum threatens the departure of two talents

Leitsch and Armel Bella Kotchaap, both of whom ripened in the Bochum talent work, played a focus on. From a Bochum perspective, there is fear that at least one, possibly both, will leave the club. Then, of course, against an appropriate transfer fee – and that the builders Sebastian Schindzielorz and Thomas Reis invest the money sensibly, they have proven sufficiently.

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