Azmoun: Bayer 04 can win the Champions League!

Azmoun: Bayer 04 can win the Champions League!

A goal and a brilliant assist-in Fürth, Sardar Azmoun not only indicated why the Bayer managers brought the 27-year-old from Zenit St. Petersburg to Leverkusen in winter.

Azmoun: “It was really difficult for me”

It took a while until this first demonstration of his skills. Azmoun’s start in Leverkusen was not under any cheap sign. “When I came here, I was injured for a month and had had a Covid 19 infection, then there were two bacterial infections that were more violent than Corona for me. It was really difficult for me,” explains the center striker, who acted in Fürth as a hanging tip in 4-2-3-1 behind striker Patrik Schick.

In the meantime, however, he had largely caught up with physical deficit. “I am ready. In my view, I’m not that far away from my physical best constitution,” explains the attacker, about the coach Gerardo Seoane recently said that he would probably need a complete preparation to call up all of his potential.

“If you work hard, you will also score”

But the Iranian international is a person with an extremely positive perspective, in whom he always focuses on the team. “When I met, I was happy. But when I came here, I didn’t think about how often I will meet or prepare a goal. I came here to win games. That is the most important thing for me,” he explains With the knowledge: “If you work hard, you will also score.”

In the season finale, the striker could become a decisive factor in the absence of the injured tens Florian Wirtz. In Fürth, Azmoun also liked clever passes, so that one or the other missing step backwards did not become a problem.


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His goal for this season is clear. “We still have three important games to get to the Champions League,” he says, and also names this for the coming season: “The Champions League is something else. If you make mistakes, you lose. That is the top Level. I hope we qualify this season and then win the title – this is our dream! The club works for that. “

Azmoun: “We can do that”

Bayer as a Champions League winner? A surprising statement. But Azmoun sees himself and are apparently hardly any limits and confirmed: “Why not? We can. We have to believe in ourselves. We have great young players, the most talented in Germany. So why shouldn’t we be able to win the Champions League? “

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