From front pigs to Digimon: For this PS

From front pigs to Digimon: For this PS

On June 22nd, PS Plus will be changed in Germany and, according to Sony, all kinds of Playstation classics from the first generation are to frolic in the premium model. After a possible leak has already indicated titles such as Tekken, Ridge Racer and Worms World Party for the PS1 library, we want to tell you today which games we would become weak.

Which PS classic do you want? also likes to tell us in the comments, which favorites would be for you to subscribe to the highest PS Plus-Rank.

these PS classics wishes Ridge Racer

Tobi wants classic dino games

In addition to the obligatory classics such as Metal Gear Solid and Co. In The Lost World: Jurassic Park you could slip both in the role of the primeval animals and that of two people, which impressed me incredibly at the end of the 90s, especially since you didn’t just play the film there. And Dino Crisis 2 was an action fireworks that I still wish today that it will appear in a remaster or remake version. An appearance at PS Plus Premium would be enough for me for the beginning.

Linda is drawn back into the world of Digimon

Hach, what would I give to be able to play the original Digimon World again! The action RPG with rearing mechanics á la Pokémon was certainly not a successful game at the time. Many bugs and playful inconsistencies clouded the digi adventure. My heart was still able to win the game at the time, firstly because I was a huge Digimon fan (and it is actually still). Second, because the breeding and training principle was so motivating.

There are hot RPGs and smoking tires with Dennis

For years I have hoped that Sony with Breath of Fire 3 and 4 two of my absolutely favorite games finally offers on current consoles. To date, this has not happened, which is a shame in the case of the two JRPG pearls for the PS1. PS Plus Premium is therefore my last hope of finally experiencing the dragon adventure again with Ryu, Nina, Teepo and Rei again. And if Sony is already there, you can put F1 in the library in 1997. I would like to know how my favorite PS1 racing game is still playing today-probably very gruesome, but no matter!

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PS Plus revolution officially

All information about the new subscription service for PS4/PS5


Hannes wants to go back to the pork chip

Can a Game be TOO Complex? - Digimon World Review!

I have made a lot of roots in the PS1 era and still feel at home in this game library. However, there are also many obvious classics that have remained relevant to this day and therefore do not lure me so easily. Final Fantasy 9 – a game I love – I can actually play anywhere. The Resident Evil classics no longer irritate me after the remakes. But the PS1 portfolio has a lot to offer that is no longer so easy to have today.

I spent countless hours with front pigs and lost myself in Worms-like 3D battles. I miss the gloomy atmosphere of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, I really feel like a Playthrough from Suikoden 2nd and yes, maybe I would also like to drop in Team Buddies for an hour or two. I just want more than just the absolute classics that have been offered to me for 25 years – I want to experience the games that were a bit lost to me.

Eleen needs the service for Final Fantasy and Silent Hill

I never owned a PS1, but on the PS2 there were some games that still mean a lot to me but have never been ported. For example, the Final Fantasy 7-branch Dirge of Cerberus. It is not surprising that the game, unlike numerous other FF parts, never appeared on other consoles, after all, many fans of the RPG series were not satisfied with the shooter gameplay at the time. For me as a final fantasy fan, who was just discovering her emerging love for shooters, it was the perfect mix.

And Silent Hill 2 is probably one of the most influential games in my youth that I have not played for years. Even then I scolded the control loudly, but the psychological horror of the second part is still unsurpassed for me. So if the predecessor makes it into the PS Plus subscription, it would be the perfect opportunity to finally catch up.

Now you are the turn: Which PS classic would you wish for the new service?

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