Italian players push the countrys internet at the limit

Italian players push the countrys internet at the limit

In 2020, I don’t think it is surprising that people turn to their internet when stuck at home. But Italian players have shown that online game is really an incredibly popular hobby because they push the country’s internet to its limits.

Many Italian public buildings are closed while waiting for the epidemic. This includes a large number of companies and, which is very important, all schools. Many courses and works have turned to online to continue to carry out their practices via the use of cat programs and telephone conferences. What surprised internet service providers is that it was not these communication systems that overloaded the Internet, but online games.

The CEO of Telecom Italia said _ “We have reported an increase of more than 70% of internet traffic on our fixed network, with a large contribution from online games such as Fortnite.” _


Apparently, the problems has worsened due to fortnite published a size of 25 gigabytes at the start of the forties. With so many Italian players who return there without doing anything, the amount of download taking place at the same time was just a little too heavy to manage for the supplier.

As many of you probably know, the cost of the bandwidth to really play an online game is quite low. It therefore seems that it was only an unfortunate moment with the patch posted on the same day as the stop. Indeed, Telecom Italia said: _ “The network of Telecom Italia works perfectly and with higher volumes compared to previous days.” _

I always find these types of new news because they teach us new things to think in the future. Of course, in situations like this, Internet service providers should be ready to face a large wave of activities. But what about game developers? Should they suspend major updates during epidemics for the same reason?

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