Liverpool FC is about record

Liverpool FC is about record

FC Liverpool is with its jerseys Standard Chartered in discussions about an extension of the cooperation, which could be sealed with the most lucrative deal in the football business so far. This is reported by the English newspaper mail on Sunday.

The Reds of coach Jürgen Klopp definitely wear the British Bank logo until the end of the 2022/23 season. According to the report, they collect around 48 million euros per year.

Liverpool to set new world record & earn millions in doing so!
Now a doubling of this amount for Liverpool should be possible and also requested by the club. In addition to the talks about an extension, the association also looks around the market on the market and talks to other companies.

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Since Standard Chartered started in 2018, the team has had great sporting success: the Klopp team not only won the first championship in 30 years, but also triumphed in the Champions League. The Reds jersey is currently said to be the best-selling in the world: According to the newspaper, the club expects more than two million shirts to be fan in the current season.

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