More Bundesliga in Free

More Bundesliga in Free

The Bundesliga has become something for real lovers in recent years. In order to be able to see all the games of his favorite club, the fan must complete several subscriptions for paid streaming service providers. If the bosses of the German Football League (DFL) (DFL), the allocation of rights could be made more fan-friendly again in the medium-term future.

As the “real lovers Bild” recently revealed, there was a meeting of the DFL Presidium and the Supervisory Board last week. Under the chairmanship of the new managing director Donata Hopfen, it is primarily about the topic of how the Bundesliga can be made more attractive for the viewer again.

The background is the loss of income of over one billion euros since the outbreak of Corona pandemic and the measurable interest in Germany in the live broadcasts of the Bundesliga games. With very few exceptions, these were and will only be transferred in the current season with the Pay TV channels or platforms Sky and DAZN.

According to the specialist magazine, it is now openly discussed within the DFL as to whether the Bundesliga’s new TV right-wing award period should again be seen more and again on freely receptive television.

The next new sale of national television rights is available for the 2025/2026 season.

The DFL is apparently planning a new priority setting regarding the marketing of its large draft horses Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga: range for sales.

In order to keep the Bundesliga attractive and internationally competitive in the long term, it should be consumed live by far more people in the future – both at home and abroad.

DFL statement: “Not everything that is feasible, we want to implement”

How such a U -turn could be designed in concrete terms is still completely open. Negotiations on the new TV rights allocation from 2025/2026 have not yet started.

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So far, the DFL had only officially commented on a very general statement: “As a Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga, we are currently struggling with a number of challenges. That is why it is important to now get German professional football out of a position of strength, to develop further and make future -proof. implement.”

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