Quotient rule threatens: Alba

Quotient rule threatens: Alba

Because of several corona cases at the Basketball Löwen Braunschweig, the Bundesliga game of the Lower Saxony, which is scheduled for Sunday (3 p.m.), stands against the German champion Alba Berlin “Unter observation”.

A-Level Maths: G4-17 Differentiation: Examples of using the Quotient Rule
The lions announced this on Friday.
A decision on the issue trap promptly.
If the game is canceled, it can no longer be made up for.
In this case, the final table would be calculated using the quotient method.

The BBL announced this in April.
The main round had already been extended due to night terminations.
Berlin is currently the first with 52:12 points.
With a success in Braunschweig, Alba could make the main round victory perfect.
For the lions, it’s about nothing.

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