FM 2021: Install tactics

FM 2021: Install tactics

Football Manager 2021: How to install tactics

The tactic is the foundation of its style of play and decides on victory or defeat. In Football Manager 2021, this applies all the more due to the increased depth of the game. Creating your own tactics is therefore very popular, but often does not lead to success due to the high complexity. Prefabricated tactics from the community remedy the situation and the installation quickly goes away, similar to importing new skins.

If you have played one of the predecessors, the options in Football Manager 2021 are already known:

How to Add Downloaded Tactics in FM21 - How to add tactics in Football Manager 21 - Old Goats FC
* If you play on Steam, you can open the workshop there and simply choose and activate prefabricated tactics.
* It is also possible by downloading tactics of community pages like as.FMF files and placing it in the “Tactics” folder. You can find this under “Documents”, “Sports Interactive” and “Football Manager 2021”.

In all cases, you can then load the new tactics in the game in the tactics window. However, keep in mind that even popular tactics are not a guarantee of success, since all settings also have to fit your team and the opponent. We therefore recommend that we understand prefabricated tactics as the basis for your own adjustments and to build the learning process on it.

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