Yoon Seok -yeol government ahead of the launch… Game policy direction

Yoon Seok -yeol government ahead of the launch…
 Game policy direction

[Seok Moon Young -soo] As President Yoon Seok -yeol’s inauguration is approaching a day, interest in the direction of the next government’s game policy is focused. With the promotion of probability -type item information disclosure legislation, P2E game domestic allowance will be difficult for the time being. Unlike the candidates, which had fully launched the game policy, the 110 -year -old national affairs announced by the acquisition committee also suggested that games and esports were excluded.

According to the game industry and politics on the 9th, the Yoon Seok -yeol administration is expected to regulate the probability -type item, which is a core profit model in the game industry since its inauguration. Park Bo -kyun, a minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, a ministry of the game industry, mentioned the necessity of disclosure of information for the probability -type items in the response to the written questions sent by members of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on the 2nd.

Yoon administration's policy on balanced regional development

Park in favor of Yoon Seok -yeol’s commitment to the probability -type item information, and discussed the details and issues of the National Assembly, related organizations, and the game industry with details and issues about the amendment to the Game Industry Promotion. He said he would find ways to improve. The probability -type item is a draw -type product that does not know the results until it is released. Currently, game companies are implementing self -regulations that disclose their own probability, and the amendment to all of the game laws that mandates the acquisition rate of the product is being discussed.

In addition, Park said that he would be careful about P2E games that emerged as a topic of the industry. P2E is a game that can acquire cryptocurrency through gameplay. However, in Korea, the classification is not due to the game method that prohibits money.

In addition, Park Bo -kyun, a candidate for Minister Park Bo -kyun, said that in relation to the issuance of the Chinese version, the main concern of the domestic game industry, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should persuade China and diversify the export market. Recently, China has said that it needs to respond strictly to China’s attempts to the Northeast Fair.

It is not pointed out that Yoon Seok -yeol’s game policy was regressed compared to his candidate. This is because games and esports were virtually excluded from the ‘Yoon Seok -yeol government’s 110th National Task’ announced by the Presidential Acquisition Committee earlier this month. In the relevant national agenda, all the phrases were that they would systematically support the game with dramas, movies, and webtoons to become a content powerhouse.

President -elect Yoon Seok -yeol has presented a game -friendly commitment, including his candidate, complete disclosure of probability -type item information, installation of a dedicated fraudulent investigation mechanism, resolving inconvenience of access to the disabled, and esports area ointment.

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