“Skyrim” I want to make a dovarkin that looks just like myself! About 2 hours with MOD, tips for tips

In the open world RPG Skyrim “, a user who performs character make -up looks just like his face.

Reddit user aureliariddle increases the number of sliders and polygons, and uses a mod that makes his skin texture and eyes more realistic, and realizes character makeup that looks exactly like himself. Even if you compare the photos and the character in detail, you may be able to reproduce it almost perfectly. He also runs his father’s character makeup (right photo), which is also a high degree of perfection.

In addition, aureliariddle introduces the tips for character makeup like himself. Take one photo of the normal front face and profile as possible, as if you were taking a ID photo. After that, use only half of the left and right favorite faces. This is because the game can only create a symmetrical face. If you print out the photo, you can compare it directly with the face in the game while hitting the photo on the screen.

He says, “If you look at the character and feel quite eerie, you’ll be approaching your face.” It seems that it is a method that does not take much procedure, so if you are worried, why not try it?

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