The new Sukueno Action RPG “Four Spoken” to realize super -high -speed loading. Depending on the scene, it can be loaded for 1 second

Luminous Productions, a subsidiary of Square Enix, released a developer interview video on the current development of PC/PS5 action RPG “ Forspoken “.

This work is an action RPG set in Asia, a beautiful but cruel world. Frey, the protagonist who got lost in Asia, a different world, conducts an adventure with a willing bracelet cuff to find a way to return to the original world. This work features magical actions, such as running at high speed in the open world world in acrobatic Parcours, and battles with monsters that make full use of a wide variety of attacks.

The development of “Forspoken” uses Luminous Engine, a unique engine handled by Luminous Productions. Tetsuhei Ono, the technical director of the engine, will be on stage at the game developer event GDC 2022 held in March this year. The video released this time looks back on the content of the lecture at the time, and Mr. Ono talks about the latest technology adopted in this work.

In the gdc lecture, he felt the high degree of attention to AMD and Microsoft’s new technology adopted by this work. One of the technologies is DirectStorage, which realizes loading data. Mr. Ono commented that the current PC game often takes more than 10 seconds to load, but in this work that uses the technology, there are scenes that can be loaded in one second. He also introduces a comparative video that shows that the effects of DirectStorage can maximize by using M.2 SSD.

DirectStorage is used in Xbox Series X | S, and APIs are also available for Windows 11. Then, what will happen to the loading time of the PS5 version of this work? PS5 has a very fast loading depending on the dedicated hardware, and both PC and PS5 version can play without worrying about the loading time. Is mentioned.

At present, DirectStorage uses CPU to decompress compressed data, but will be able to do it with GPU in the future. Mr. Ono said he was looking forward to improving performance by GPU Decompress, and said he would like to deliver the next -generation game experience, one second of loading, by responding to other optimization. Luminous Engine itself is characterized by high -speed data roads based on proprietary file management, and seems to be a specialty area.

The interview also mentions AMD’s Fidelityfx Super Resolution (FSR). It has already been announced that the work will adopt the technology (related article), but it will also support FSR 2.0 published in GDC 2022. FSR is a technology that uses so -called super -resolution technology to achieve high image quality and high frame rate. In FSR 2.0, the algorithm is changed, and the image quality is significantly improved.

“FORSPOKEN” will be released on October 11 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store) and PS5.

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