HQ trivia documentary in process in CNN

HQ trivia documentary in process in CNN

A documentary that covers the surprisingly full story of events of the mobile test application Curiosities of the headquarters is in process. This documentary will seek to tell the story of the sensation of pop culture that was interpreted by millions of people before a disastrous, and apparently final show, which had to see it to believe it. CNN is behind this documentary, it was announced on Wednesday, with some talents already attached to guide the _curiosities of the headquarters of the headquarters.

The details about the documentary were first informed by the deadline that cited comments from Chris Licht, president and executive director of CNN Worldwide, shared during the recent Warner Bros. event. Discovery UPFront. This new documentary will be directed by Salima Koroma and produced by Left/Right.

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An exact launch date has not yet been announced, but the documentary will be supposed to be launched at some point in 2023. This documentary follows a podcast of The Ringer in 2020 called auge/decline: the boom and fall of hq trivia than of Similar way I sought to tell the application story.

For those who are not familiar with the application, curiosities of the central headquarters launched for the first time in 2017 with a simple premise: players answer questions during a live program and, if they succeed enough, they have the opportunity to obtain a part of an accumulated award. Apart from the possibility of earning some money, even if it was a small amount, part of the attractiveness of the game was the live aspect, which meant that all were gathered at the same time with the same purpose, although virtually.

The popularity of the program reached its maximum point in 2018 when it had millions of active players and guest presenters such as Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson, but at the end of the year it was confirmed that his co -founder, Colin Kroll, had died. The presenter Scott Rogowsky announced his departure in 2019 and, at the beginning of 2020, it was reported that the central headquarters would be closing. That happened shortly after those reports arose, and although the game returned in a matter of months, it has not been able to return to its old greatness.

CNN Curiosities of the headquarters The documentary will be released in 2023.

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