Riot Games minor adjustments to transition to Episode 5 for Valorant Patch 4.10

Riot Games minor adjustments to transition to Episode 5 for Valorant Patch 4.10

Valorant receives the new patch 4.10 right now. A minor update with which Riot Games sets its sights on the future and summons us to the great news that will arrive with the release of the next Episode 5.

After a season in which Valorant has received a lot of changes, Riot Games have taken their foot off the gas with the release of patch 4.10. The new version is the daughter of its time and promises minor adjustments that will help us enjoy the title a little more throughout the month that remains before the next Episode 5. There will still be more updates, but the date for the big news is marked on the calendar for a few weeks.

Valorant Patch 4.10 Changes
Most of the adjustments introduced by Riot Games in Valorant patch 4.10 could be defined as fixes and quality of life, although this does not imply some exciting improvements.

Changes to agents
It was adjusted the loading bar or skill progress. It will now be more consistent in size and position across all available agents in the game. The adjustment affects all characters with this type of resource.
It was adjusted the third person model of Omen to increase detail and fidelity.
Chamber, Killjoy, Cypher, and Yoru will now inform all allies of their ability destruction.

Changes to the maps
Removed some pixel collision on the Haven map

It will no longer be possible to jump to the Top of C without using a skill to improve the jump.
It will no longer be possible to climb into the front cover of Zone A.

Communication enhancements
Added Clutch Mute option. With this, you will be able to mute the audio chat at some key moments.
game systems
Added a performance graph showing the trigger error. It should help players diagnose their gameplay errors.

Consistency improvements
They fixed a bug where latency or framerate spikes would cause excessive motion rendering for several seconds.
Added new performance graphs
Also, minor bug fixes have been made.

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