GTA Online Rockstar re-releases The Vespucci Job event with massive upgrades and vehicles

GTA Online Rockstar re-releases The Vespucci Job event with massive upgrades and vehicles

GTA Online has just presented the reissue of one of the most famous events of the title created by Rockstar: The Vespucci Job (Remix). As Rockstar itself has reported through its networks, Backlot City productions are conquering the streets of Los Santos, in which a pilot gets all the attention while being chased by a selection of vehicles of enormous quality.

The essence of this event remains the same as its predecessor of the same name: While one collects control points, another team intercepts and tries to finish him off however they can. In these new adaptations, the diminutive Issi Classic is replaced by several iconic vehicles, while interceptors chase the racer in patrol cars, armored trucks, and attack helicopters to prevent him from fleeing. All entrants who play this new version in a classic mode will get double bucks and RP this week.

We will have to face rival factions in club jobs and participate in competitive challenges by completing different headquarters contracts. We will receive double Dollars and RP throughout the week. Plus, Biker Business Supplies are 50% off this week, making it the perfect time to stock up on your supplies.

If we want to rock it big, know that all biker abilities (such as requesting vehicles or dropping Bull Shark testosterone, ammo, Molotov cocktails, or armor) can be used for free until June 1.

The What a Truck event will also be available, a challenge that will consist of taking this type of vehicle from one end of the GTA V map to the other. The game begins when the drivers get behind the wheel in the industrial area of ​​Terminal. Whether the truck reaches its destination, both teams will take home double rewards this week.

In addition to those above, we will have the following available:

Double salary for partners and escorts
On PS5 and Xbox Series X|S: Hao’s premium test vehicle, Übermacht Sentinel XS /// Hao’s Special Works time trial between Sandy Shores and La Puerta
Wheel of Fortune Grand Prize: Ubërmacht Revolter
LS Car Meet Prize Vehicle: Bravado Yoga Classic
Test vehicles : Vulvar Fagaloa, Declasse Vamos and Dinka Jester RR
30% discount on warehouses and export warehouses
75% on all Imani services
Vehicle Discounts: 30% on Benefactor Turreted Limo, Declasse Granger 2600LX, Vapid Caracara and Declasse Vamos, 40% on Vulcar Fagaloa
$100k bonus for logging in every week from May 26 to June 29
GTA+ Member Perks Continue This Week: Agency in Rockford Hills Giving Access to The Contract, Grotti Brioso R/A and HSW Upgrade with Two Exclusive Skins, Free Clothing and Accessories, Double Dollars in Security Contracts, and Bonuses member bonuses
Prime Gaming Perks: Players who have linked their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts will also get an additional $100K, while Prime Gaming members who subscribe to GTA+ will receive an extra $100K

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