Gods Top M content guide with six individuality

Gods Top M content guide with six individuality

God’s top M has six contents, but most of the content can be used from the beginning, which can be confused about what to do first. In addition, there are different types of rewards that can be obtained for each content, so it is difficult to know where to use and how to grow efficiently. So let’s see how it is done by content, what you can do, and what rewards you can.

▣ Revolution Road

Revolution Road is a content that can be completed by achieving certain conditions in the game and enhancing the character’s stats by rewarding. Among the mission compensation, you can obtain items needed to foster characters, goods used for summoning, and skillbooks used to summon. By achieving all the missions on the page, you can get the transcendental material of the character.

When the game first starts, the night starts with a night acquisition, but Violet must complete all the missions of the first page to use it. The transcendental materials of chestnuts and Violet can only be obtained from the Revolution Road, and the ability to transcend the character is increased and the effect is added to the skill.

▣ Rice cooker training

Rice cooker training is the first negative content that is held at the start of the game. If you kill the enemies in the fixed section and the boss at the end, you can go up to the next floor. The higher the floor, the higher the level of the enemy, the increase in the number of sections, but the acquisition experience and gold increases, and a high-grade item can be obtained. Even if you kill the enemy in the rice cooker training, you can’t get experience or items separately, and you can only get rewards over time.

The reward of the rice cooker training is earned over time, so the game is automatically earned when the game is turned off or other content is performed, but it is only possible with the rice cooker training screen on to proceed with the section or climb the layer. The compensation box can store up to 600 minutes (10 hours) of rewards, and the compensation is not earned over time, so it is recommended to stop by three times a day. Catching the boss and climbing to the next floor, the earned reward is automatically received.

▣ Story

You can watch the story of the original god’s top webtoon as a game. The story proceeds through the lines of the characters in the middle of the chapter and the characters in the battle. If you kill the elite or boss that appears at the end of the chapter, you can get experience and reward items and proceed with the next story.

As the chapter progresses, there are more powerful enemies, and you can earn so much experience. If the progress is blocked, it is easier to proceed by identifying the union and attack pattern of the enemy that appears and forming an appropriate team. Touching the mission window in the upper right corner allows you to automatically proceed with the movement and battle.

▣ Tower of trials

The tower of trials is a very important content for fostering characters. This is because you can obtain most consumables items such as experience and gold, skillbooks for increasing character skills, and various equipment such as various equipment, Ganghwa-seok, and production stones. In particular, skillbooks are very important for combat growth, so you need to know what skillbooks are dropping on each floor. Two bosses appear on the first challenge, and if the boss is killed, the layer will be changed to repeated hunting and challenge to the upper layer.

The floor that has surpassed can be hunted repeatedly, but every time you enter, you need one key. The key is one automatic payment every hour, and can be obtained as a reward for events and missions or purchased at the store. The keys can be carried up to 100 pieces, and if the key acquired as a reward exceeds 100, it is exceeded. However, if the key charging time stops if it is exceeded, be careful not to exceed the limit. When repeated hunting, a total of 60 enemies must be killed once, and each time the enemy is killed, experience and items are obtained.

An enemy called the Guardian is probabilistic, with a stronger ability than the usual enemy, and if you kill it once, the layer is completed. You can also get a key with a certain chance. If you enter the same layer repeatedly, the probability of the Guardian will increase by 3%, and the other layer is initialized.

You can stop at any time while using the tower of trials. However, using another layer while the progress is stored, the stored situation cannot be deleted and re-entered for free.

▣ Ranker War

The Ranker War is a content that competes with the characters of other users, and it is possible to play a PVP-only team to confront the team of other users. The ranker war is required to have a ticket for the ranker, and five are free every day and can be purchased through the store. In the Ranker War, you can check the information of individuals and guild rankings or earn rewards. Individuals can check the level, combat power, team characters and ties for the first to 50th users of the server, and check their ranks and comprehensive combat power.

Guild rankings rank in a combination of the ranking war points that the guild member earned during the ranking war. The guild, which achieved the first place to the 50th place, will be unveiled in the Hall of Fame. The guild members in the guild, which are achieved from the first to the 9th place, will earn additional attack power, and the first, second, and third-place guilds will receive additional fatal options and goods that can be exchanged for gold. The stats increase effect will be maintained during the next season, and users who join the guild during the season are not applicable.

If you search for a battle opponent, three opponents will be randomly searched, and one of them can be selected to proceed with the PVP. In the list, you can check your opponent’s level, comprehensive combat power, and character combination information. If you don’t like your favorite opponents, you can press the new refresh button to find a new list. The battle is automatically proceeded and the ranking will rise if you win, but if you lose, the ranking does not change.

The types of rewards of personal rankings are divided into daily, achievement and season. Daily compensation varies depending on your current ranking, so it is good to record after recording a high ranking. Season rewards will be paid different depending on the ranking after the season ends at 0 o’clock every Sunday. In addition, the higher the ranking, the higher the ranking point, which is added to the Guild Ranker War Point.

Depending on the rank, gold, boxes, and ranker coins are paid differently, among which the ranker coin is the most important. Ranker Coin can be exchanged for a hero grade equipment or production item at the exchange store in the store. The first thing to exchange is the skillbook ‘Cheer up, my god’. It has the effect of reducing the defense of the enemy, and it can be used both chestnuts and violets, which is widely versatile.

▣ Administrator’s trial

The administrator’s trials are boss strategy content that accumulates high scores with white iron and red armored eel. Rewards can be received once every day. There is no challenge limit or consumption, so you can re-challenge until you record high scores. The score accumulates as much damage for 2 minutes, and the phase is proceeded every 30 seconds, and various buff effects are applied and the score magnification increases. The higher the damage, the higher the score, so it’s better to add a lot of attack and fat buffer characters to the team to increase the score.

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Depending on the type of eel, the characteristics and methods of attack vary. White iron eel has the ability to increase the physical damage that receives the physical damage and increase the magic damage to each time the phase rises. The recommended combat power is not difficult as it is 100,000, and it can be obtained as a reward for various productions and reinforcement items.

The red iron armor eel is the only content that is currently in a six-person team, and unlike the white iron eel, it reduces the magic damage and burn damage. In addition, every time the phase rises, physical damage, burn damage increases, and defense and vital recovery decrease debuffs are very important. Burns can cause continuous damage, so be especially careful. As a reward, you can earn weapons materials and large amounts of gold.

Administrators’ trials also include daily rewards and season rewards. The season reward is a box that can obtain a random armor, and the higher the rank, the higher the grade armor box. The ranking is based on the highest score of the weekly records, and the season is initialized at 0 o’clock every Monday.

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