Johnny Depps trial against Amber Heard reaches a verdict

Johnny Depps trial against Amber Heard reaches a verdict

One of the most follow-up events in recent months was the case of Johnny Depp against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in which the actor accused Heard for acts of defamation to his person. This series of judgments took place for just over a month, but now the jury reached its final verdict, recognizing that it failed in favor of DEPP.

In 2018, Heard wrote an opinion article for The Washington Post in which he defined a public figure that represents domestic abuse. From there, the former star of _animales fans demanded to heard for 50 million dollars. She made a contrademanda, which led great brands to remove the actor important characters from his career.


In the end, the jury ruled that this article of 2018 was with a total discredit towards the actor, for acts that were not 100% real, although unwanted behaviors were not ruled out by DEPP. As a result, Amber will pay 15 million dollars to compensate the actor, for his part, DEPP will have to grant 2 million to the actress of Aquaman.

With all this the case ends momentarily, it was not confirmed if they would have to testify individually, but now it is known that the actor has won more than he lost. For now no more updates have been given, but it is certain that within a few hours more data from these courts will continue to come to light.

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