LOL: Maycams claws evolve undone the undefeated New Pampas in the Master League

LOL: Maycams claws evolve undone the undefeated New Pampas in the Master League

One more day within the Master Flow League where very intense meetings are live One of the most important leagues in the South shows the great feats on this date to demonstrate that teams are the best.

The first game put Undead Gaming against WAP eSports starting with aggressiveness in the hands of the team of the unap He would react and manage to turn in the fights per team with a great show show within the map, with it they exceeded the challenge they had in front to take the victory.

In the second game we see Ebro Gaming against Krü Esports taking an Akali for Kiefer that would be dominant in the central part of the map to leave its rivals behind, the pink team managed to keep things in their favor, getting the obtaining the Dragons and the HEX soul in his favor, the game ended up being defined in a fight for the ancestral where Krü would dominate and take the triumph.

For the third game Stone Esports fought against Leviathan where the supremacy of Buggax at the top gave the early advantage to the Levianeta leaving badly stopped in economic matters to his rivals, an unstoppable force that was shown in the game for The sea dragon making clear his power to fall to the stones to the bottom of the sea, thus achieving victory.

In the fourth game we see the Argentine classic of Boca Juniors Gaming against River Plate by putting a xayah in the hands of Hika that would show a great performance during the game managing to achieve an important advantage in the game that would end up using is resources for Destroying the rivals, the mouthpiece was present to get the triumph on this day.

The fifth game managed to put Malvinas Gaming in front of 9z where the purple team would begin dominating with the power of the Galio de Regi that would fall from the heavens in the key moments of the game generating sufficient pressure to make the rivals fall, the fights were favored For 9Z managing to take the victory bluntly on this day.


To close the day we see New Pampas against Maycam Evolve, with the leading team of the table seeking to keep their streak, however, the bears wanted fresh meat using a Kennen at the top in the hands of Puethino who manages to put the storms curtenates in the right places putting to shake pampas, the game became on the side of Maycam side with a noticeable advantage ended with the undefeated of the leader of the table.

The number eight day of the Argentine League concludes making it clear that Pampas can bleed and it was thanks to the team of the bears, with this things get interesting in the table since they leave the Levianeta team in the upper part, with a New Pampas that will seek revenge on the next dates now the tournament can change the course.

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