Valorant: Kru and Leviátan remain at the tip of the southern VCT

Valorant: Kru and Leviátan remain at the tip of the southern VCT

An interesting day begins within the Southern Valorant competitive, the teams from the top of the table seek I really want to continue fighting in the competition despite the results of the past weeks to seek some hope.

The series that complicates the champion

The first series put New Pampas against Krü Esports starting on a map of Haven where diewijas would start causing ravages with his cypher in the defense managing to get several rounds in favor of his team managing to put a 7-5 in the First half of the confrontation, in the change of sides we see a more even game because the pink team managed to make some points thanks to Keznit who with his neon put the rivals tremble, however, Pampas players managed to generate pressure Major to get 13-10 together with the victory.

In the second map we pass to Ascent where we see the Krü team hitting hard from the beginning with the power of Keznit present to generate 8 rounds in thread, the duel on the map of the heavens is It turned pink to leave the score in 9-3, for the second part the contest the domain was still on the side of the pink team, despite the attempts proposed by Pampas, things were terminated with a 13-5 that tied the series.

In the decisive map we entered bind starting with a solid defense that the pink team proposed from the beginning with the power of Keznit havoc with a reason at the closed angles that ended up being beneficial for their squad achieving Put the map in your favor with an 8-4, in the change of roles the aggressive attack of Kru would be the one to dominate things inside the map to gradually fall to its rivals in a situation that would be clear for the squad and He would achieve the rivals without further rounds to put a 13-4.

The Levianeta does not like the purple

For the second series of the day we see Leviathan against 9Z on a map of Haven that began quite strong with the power of Hanglin that used Chamber to make clear the power of the purple team within The first instances to leave a 7-5, in the change of sides we see the reaction of the Levianeta with a team game that managed to get around the rivals with the power of King and Tacolilla Therefore, putting 13-11 on the map in favor of Leviathan.

The second map would be bind that would begin to be dominated by the Levianeta thanks to the power of adverse that put the poisons in the right place to prevent the rivals could enter quietly at the site where it was present To achieve the situation with a 9-3 in the first part, changing the aggressive entries proposed by Leviathan would be the ones that will give it the advantage in the second part of the map thanks to their Viper that would end up making it clear that 13-5 He gave him the victory.

Thus concludes the day in the south, with the clear favorites at the tip of the table working the details on the way to the Playoffs phase that is near, a team of pampas that is already out of the competition, now there is only one more date remains In this week to see if things change inside the table to move the table a little more.

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