LOL: A new king named Leviatán takes the tip of the table in the Master League

LOL: A new king named Leviatán takes the tip of the table in the Master League

An eleven number in the Master Flow League that was clear that a team from the tip of the table would have to give up first place, the sea dragon against Pampas, apart from that, the middle part of the table would also show large Encounters in the search to stay within the competition, a date that changed things a lot inside the tournament.

The first game began between Maycam Evolve against River Plate starting with the Renekton team in the hands of Aqua at the top of the map that managed to take the advantage from the first minutes of the game, a surprising duel that the team of The millionaire took the balance in their favor by closing the game at minute 30 getting an important victory for them.

In the second confrontation we see Ebro Gaming against Undead Gaming with a senna in the lower lane taken by Kumew and accompanied by the Tham Kench of KB they would take the lower lane in their domain punishing their opponents, The game became in favor of the undead that little by little they would end the game with team fights better to take the point.


Arriving at the third meeting Stone Esports would fight with Krü Esports where the taliyah of Style made a master use of the teacher of the stones that would havoc on all the lanes giving advantage to his teammates to climb early, the Confrontation was turned to the pink team that showed their style of play to be able to finish the game in their favor.

For the fourth game Leviatán faced New Pampas with a nothing that would take a senna in the lower part of the map to get the rivals wear and support his squad, the sea dragon managed to send the gray screen to the other to the other Team, seeking to get first place in the table the power of the Levianeta would be present, cutting the head of Pampas and obtaining the tip of the table.

In the fifth game Malvinas Gaming would fight with Wap Esports managing The Malvinas team could take the advantage to settle the match in their favor and achieve victory.

Closing the day we see Boca Juniors Gaming faced 9z with a Leblanc in the hands of Chordy causing ravages through all the lines with explosive damage that undone the rivals, playing with the power of the imitative magician the Boquita team took an important advantage that would change for objects with which it ended up destroying the towers to reach the rival base to obtain the victory.

Thus ends the date number 11 of the Argentine League leaving with a clear winner in the upper table, the cart called Levianeta stays first place making the team that had been dominating several weeks, now with less days we will have to see What can happen within the competition to define the quotas of the playoffs in the next dates.

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