[Interview] Movies and games pioneer the potential of creatives in the future that Hideo Kojima looks at

[Interview] Movies and games pioneer the potential of creatives in the future that Hideo Kojima looks at

The special feature of Cinema Cafe in June is Movies and Games. Various games such as Halo, Ancharded, Assassin’s Creed, The Last of US, as well as Resident Evil, have been visualized, and the entry into the game business in the movie studio. As the distance between movies and dramas and games is getting closer, what will happen to each future?

There is no such suitable person to talk about the prospects. Known as the creator of the Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, who worked with stars such as Norman Readers, Mats Mikkelsen, and Rare Sedu in Death Stranding.

As a large cinefill, Kojima is very popular among movie fans. He will provide a special interview from encountering the movie to the future.

-The fact that Kojima loves movies is that his father’s influence is great.

You were watching a movie like drinking water. At that time, there was a Western-style theater on a television every day, and was playing a movie from morning to midnight. When I noticed it was everyday, I wasn’t conscious of watching a movie. So there was no such thing as this work triggered me to love movies. If you don’t watch a movie, your parents get angry, so I was watching a scary movie that was not good at it (laughs).

I’m not scared of zombies and splatters, but I’m not good at ghosts. Exorcist is seen only once (laughs). Other than that, I was watching anything without being biased toward the genre or age. I watched Japanese movies under the influence of my parents, and in Asia, Italy, France, the United States… all directions. Recently, I have watched distribution works regardless of movie or drama.

In the movie theater, I was taken by my parents to watch monster movies, watched Tower Ring Inferno (74) with my older brother, and went to see Nostradamus’s great prophecy (74) with my friends. 。 At that time, I lived a little in the countryside, and I had to take a bus twice on a bus to go to Osaka where the movie theater is located, so I was quite prohibited for elementary school students, but when I was in sixth grade in elementary school. I tried a single movie for the first time. At that time, I saw Roller Ball (75).

I got my parents’ money and bought a pamphlet and explained what I saw (laughs), so I often went to the movie theater al1. I knew all the cinemas near Osaka.

――When you look at Twitter, Kojima is very quick to get the movie information. Is there any tips for collecting information?

I don’t want to watch it since it was popular, so the antenna is always growing. If it is an overseas media, for example, Tom Cruise’s work, his SNS is the fastest. In the past, we collected information in magazines such as Road Show and SCREEN, but now I think it’s a happy era because there is a net. The official account of A24 is also interesting.

Originally, I liked to go to a bookstore, look at various books, search for records in tower records, etc., and actually visit and happen to meet. However, it is a bit disappointing that Corona has decreased quite a bit, and after gaining information, I started watching a movie. Isn’t it the most fun to meet a movie by chance?

For example, in the past, there were two-books and three-piece film screenings, where we could often meet unexpected bargains. It was about 30 minutes when I went to the theater because I went to the theater because I went to the theater because I went to the theater with my friends Friday Part3 (82. So, if I couldn’t enjoy it at all, I was trying to go home, and when I was wondering what a cool music (Tangerine Dream song) would flow, I watched the screen, The Keep (83, 83 released in Japan. )was.

Since such encounters are decreasing now, there are places where information sources are used. The one who gets caught in your sensitivity does not spread, so the formula of the media and works, for example, follow those who are in another direction from yourself, so that the information is not biased. I am careful.

――I’m very grateful because I often get information on Kojima’s SNS. I would like to ask about the movies I have recently seen, but I recommended Posesters and New Order, which are now wearing T-shirts.

New Order is a work you want to see. I learned about Michel Franco in this work and purchased and watched a DVD of the past work, A certain end and a woman named a mother. It seems that the director was watching the impression tweet, so he decided to video chat this time.

Brandon Cronenberg’s Posesa was also very high and interesting. Dad’s new work, CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, directed by David Clonenberg, will soon be unveiled at the Cannes International Film Festival (interviews will be held in mid-May). He said, I will come out in 5 minutes (laughs). ( * In fact, when the screening at the Cannes International Film Festival was screened, it was said that retired people continued)

I am the Generburg’s Video Dorome (83) generation, so I look forward to it, including a little silicon or a crop. Performers Rare Sedu also praised, The site was amazing. It may be back in that direction (SF thriller), including the next work THE SHROUDS.

-Top Gun His Marverick was also recommended.

yes. Actually, the previous work was not so addicted. However, after watching this work, I just reviewed it (laughs). It was interesting to see if there was such a way of making it. I am one year younger for Tom Cruise, but I continued to make entertainment, even though it was absolutely difficult, and cried while watching. By the way, I cried when I watched Mission: Impossible / Fallout (laughs).

-Director Kojima is also a reader, and he is very worried about what kind of schedule he is taking in movies and books.

I try to watch a movie every day, but I use it at that time except to work. Listen to music during work, make rice as short as possible, and watch and read movie. Other than that, I spend my time playing with children on Saturdays and Sundays.

Both books and movies are made by people, not God, so 90 % are not always masterpieces. But the remaining 10 % is amazing. I think that daily viewing and reading on a daily basis are also a training for how to use luck and experience. I think it’s an encounter with people, including movies, books, and encounters with you, and I feel how much you can experience it will enrich your life.

About 20 years ago, when I went to Tezuka Osamu’s museum, it was shocked that I was watching one movie every day. Even though he was so busy with many serials. Anyway, the editor was waiting for the manuscript, so he escaped from the window, watched the movie and came back, and then drew a continuation. After all, if there is no stimulation, you will not be able to make things.

I myself do not watch a movie for manufacturing, but it often makes it very easy through movies. If you make things, you will have various problems that you can not even say to your family, but when you watch a movie at that time, you may know that there are many people who are making things in the past and around the world. I can do it, and I think I made such a work well! Or I often distributed it and released it in Japan! I have a desire to meet people who are making things in the same way through the movie.

Speaking of the release of Japan, I am looking forward to the multivas movie Everything Everywhere All at ONCE starring Michel Yo.

-I can’t wait for the release of Japan. A24 works include Alex Garland’s MEN.

I like Alex Garland. It was amazing for the last 15 minutes of Anairation-annihilated area- (2018).

-Death Stranding is featuring Girelmo del Toro and Nicholas Winding Refun, and Kojima himself has also interacted with film directors around the world.

The coaches are just showing what they are doing. Basically, only those who make, planning, scriptwriter, and editing are done by themselves, so we talk about it. Even if they have family and friends, they have different positions, so they can’t make a weak sound or have anxiety and sympathize.

The rest is information exchange. Actors, designers, musicians, the original… I share who is cool. If one of them is paying attention, others are aiming for them, so they will be competitive. It is very important in manufacturing because it is important to purchase information quickly.

I often ask about performance capture. In both movies and games, the shooting itself is now unchanged, so I want to talk to the person who actually did it.

Those with anime and deformed ones like Pixar can be made from zero, but it is difficult to make photorials with that resolution (resolution). Then, it will be a performance capture that makes the actor actually move using a living person as a material. Games and movies are the same in terms of making the person who has lived, such as movement and wrinkles on the face. I think that the border between both will be gone.

For example, the background technology used in The Batman and Mandalorian is to project images in the background, surrounded by monitors, and shoot together. In the past, green back was the mainstream, but these methods have become the same for movies and games. The final output is a movie or a game, that is, whether you watch or play, but the process is almost the same.

Those who are appearing in Marvel works, such as Muts Mikelsen, are basically experiencing performance capture.

-The distance between the game and the movie is getting closer and closer.

I think that no one is gone or one, but the gap will be filled.

Even the same content may be able to change depending on the viewing device. For example, I am watching the same video on both movie theaters and smartphones, but if you are a smartphone, you will have more paintings, use writing according to the viewer’s environment, and more interactive things will come out. To do.

Also, I feel that the consciousness of the creators does not consider movies and games as separate. I’m 58 years old, but the film director under the age of 50 is almost certainly going through the game. I was a movie and a book, but the lower generation has a game in my childhood video experience. That’s why there are many film directors who want to make a game in the end. I don’t know how to make a game, so I’m making a movie.

When that happens, the lower generations should be more and more digitally created who can make both, rather than the category of film directors / game directors. The person who explains it feels like they can do all movies, TVs, and games.

―― Netflix and Annapurna are also entering the game business.

Actors also buy a game studio. There are many parts that haven’t worked yet, but I guess it will become more and more active in the future.

I think how the creators use digital technology. The output options vary depending on the approach of what you want to convey as your own expression, whether you are a player or an audience.

――― Miyuki Miyabe’s Kogure Shaku Shinkan wrote on Twitter that I was so impressed that I thought I would buy a movie right, but Director Kojima himself is interested in film production. Do you have?

I’ve always wanted to make a movie, but when I’m making a game, I can’t take much time and my age has gone up, so I wonder what to do.

For me, it’s easier to make a movie (laughs). First, the timeline can be controlled. In the case of a movie, if you decide to shoot at this angle at an extreme thing, you can ignore the parts that are not reflected. If you take a mug from the front, the blind spot will be established even if you are up. However, in the case of a game, you have to make 360 degrees, including the space, in the form of you can have it or it may be used for attacks.

However, Kojima Production was originally a studio that was launched when he said, I want you to make a game, but of course I want to make something that is neither a game nor a movie, and I can make a movie. The relationship between movies is deeply associated, and some are in progress.

―― I am very looking forward to it. As the possibilities as a form are expanding, what are the ideal creatives of Kojima?

I want to make something that stays in my body. I don’t think there is a pros and cons because I have never experienced a new one, and it is bad for digestion. At present, the speed is accelerating in the era when entertainment is digested, but since I have never eaten new things, I feel uncomfortable, and some people have a rejection, and there are pros and cons.

It cannot be digested immediately because it is in a foreign body in the body, and after 10 or 20 years, it will be understood. I want to make such a thing. During this time, the 4K restoring version of Sangelia (79) was released, but Del Toro appeared as a fan representative in the video benefits (laughs). A movie that has been loved even after 40 years is really good. Because it remains in the viewer’s body. Although it is not left in the body’s genes, it remains as a mome (cultural gene). I want to make such a work.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now on sale for PC and PlayStation 5.

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