Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 October 4 Early Accessory

Blizzard launched Overwatch 2 October 4 Early Accessory

Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based shooting game ‘Overwatch 2’ will be released on October 4th.

Overwatch 2 can be played through consoles such as Windows PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 · 5, and Nintendo Switch. Cross play and progress can be shared between platforms.

The new 5-5 multiplayer Overwatch 2 PvP experience offers newly introduced game plays with major updates such as new free play models and new heroes, heroes, battlefields, modes, and premium decorating items..

With the release of Overwatch 2, the players can play Australian-born ‘Junker Queen’, the latest assault hero who will join the Overwatch Hero Roster.

Jungker Quinn is a former commander of Overwatch, armed with high maneuverability and rail gun, and has a cyborg physical ability. It is the second new hero and the 34th hero of Franchise, unveiled in Overwatch 2, following the previously released ‘Sojourn’.


For more information on the live service model and season-specific content plan of Jungker Queen and Overwatch 2, and the approaching private beta testing journey, the Overwatch 2 release event scheduled for 10 am on June 16 (2 am Korea Time) You can check it through the live stream.

Newly well-known places from Toronto’s snow-covered New Queen Street to the downtown of Manhattan Midtown can also be available in the game with the launch. In the PUSH Game Mode, which is newly introduced through Overwatch 2, the team duel between the team to dominate the robot located in the center of the symmetrical battlefield and advance to the deeper enemy.

Mike Ibara Blizzard Entertainment, president of Ibara Blizzard Entertainment, said, New and interesting overwatch game experiences with symbolic heroes, battlefields and gameplay that made the original Overwatch so attractive on October 4th and newly added contents. I am looking forward to seeing the vision to take the trick and starting the overwatch 2 play experience.

In addition, This is always in progress in the Overwatch franchise, and we will provide a practical and periodic update prepared to inform the beginning of the evolving era and to make Overwatch 2 a fresh and fun game for a long time. Promise, he said.

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