Monhan Rise: Sunblake Naughty Azal equipment appeared! ? The popular armor of Frontier flickers to the new video

Monhan Rise: Sunblake Naughty Azal equipment appeared!
 The popular armor of Frontier flickers to the new video

In the new video of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake released on June 14, something that seems to be Azur equipment appeared.

With the appearance of Espinus from the Monster Hunter Frontier series, Azur Equipment, which is also a frontier element, has also been talked about.

◆ Hunter that seems to be Azal equipment confronting Espinus

Azur equipment is an armor that only appeared in the Monster Hunter Frontier series. The dark blue look, silver wigs, and men for men also featured a long coat-like appearance, and was very popular because of its sophisticated design.

In the new video, a hunter that seems to be Aur equipment appears in the introduction part of the jungle and Espinus. It can only be seen from a distance, such as jumping inside the archeological site, carrying eggs with friends, and fluttering the roar of Espinus, but looks like Aur equipment.

When you jump inside the archeological site, you can also check the tsunzun of the head equipment. If you look closely, the shoulder part has a characteristic white decoration. If it is so similar, expectations are enough.

◆ Aur equipment is a little naughty armor

What appeared in the new video was something that seems to be azal equipment for men. This is popular, but if you talk about azal equipment, you have to touch women. This is because Aur equipment is especially popular for women. The reason is that it is an exciting design, a straightforward equipment.

In addition to the mini skirts with waist-equipment, the absolute area born from knee high in legs, the number of panchira due to the mini skirt, as well as the leg equipment, the leg equipment will be influenced by the inner, turning the pants into a more cute design.

Especially popular is the body equipment for gunners. For swordsman, the chest covered with cloth is a full open. The style of showing guts, not the valley, is felt by some kind of great man. Aiming at this chest, many gentlemen struggled to get it.

◆ I’m looking forward to it, but also anxiety

Although it has not been confirmed yet, it would be nice if you could enjoy azal equipment with the graphics of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake. Because the coloring can be easily changed, it seems that you can enjoy various dresses more than Monster Hunter Frontier.

On the other hand, there is one anxiety. In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunblake, the framework for armor and gunner of armor disappears, and is unified into one design. To see the men in the new video, the design is close to the swordsman. Bold gunner body equipment may not appear.

It is still information that can be predicted from the video, but I am just worried about what design it will be if it appears. When it appears, it is likely to be hard to get it.

The super-large expansion content Samburake of Monster Hunter Rise will be released on June 30, 2022.

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