Netmarble, Seven Knights Revolution on July 28th, the core of IP expansion

Netmarble, Seven Knights Revolution on July 28th, the core of IP expansion

[Park Ye-jin Park Ye-jin reporter] Netmarble will introduce ‘Seven Knights Revolution’, which focuses on its own intellectual property (IP), on the 28th of next month.

In particular, Seven Knights Revolution is the fourth work of Netmarble with the title of ‘Revolution’. The so-called Revolution titles, such as Lineage 2 Revolution, Blade & Soul Revolution, and Marvel Future Revolution, have reflected the company’s will to surpass the value of the previous work.

On the 16th, Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) held a ‘Seven Knights Revolution’ media showcase to provide an ambition ahead of the new Seven Knights Revolution.

Seven Knights Revolution is an open world large-scale multi-contact game (MMORPG) where users are transformed into Seven Knights heroes through their avatars. The development team said that it used a rendering technique, which is not a cartoon rendering, but a rendering technique that is noticeable.

In addition, the original Seven Knights’ collection card game (CCG) and the previous Seven Knights 2’s large-scale multi-connection (MMO) characteristics feature hero card collection and avatar growth and cooperation. The user can pioneer and own his own private land, Nexus, and find a new dungeon with a runcoin acquired by adventure and share it with other users.

In particular, the game focused on cooperation rather than competition. In order to revitalize the community, we have built a single world single server without having multiple servers. It is explained that the MMO is mixed with other users and enjoys various activities such as singing, performance, performance, and flight.

Ahn Jun-seok, general manager of Netmarblexus, said, It is more than four years to develop.

Park Young-jae, the Netmarble Business Group, also said, It is a game that was polished through the most test of the Netmarble lineup.

He also said, It was true that we aimed to peak the ‘Revolution’ title on Seven Knights under the direction of fostering its own IP. It was revealed.

It also has the possibility of combining P2E. Park said, First of all, there is a limit to domestic services, so there is no specific review, but after preparing the global version, blockchain combination is considered enough depending on the situation. We will start preparing global services immediately at the point of stabilizing domestic services. It was also explained that both the development group and the business group are prepared for global expansion.

Seven Knights Revolution, meanwhile, will begin pre-registration in the Apple App Store from this day. Google Play has been pre-registered earlier, and pre-registration items are paid as rewards.

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