The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Love Quest Guide

The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Love Quest Guide

Quest Poisonous Love in The Cycle: Frontier gives you faction glasses, ICA certificate and crypto tags that you can use to increase your rating in the faction of an independent civilian consultant (ICA).

The quest is presented by Marie Gilbert, Ravel, ICA procurement director. She asks you to help her with the manufacture of a new deadly grenade, providing her with the necessary things.

The quest is divided into two parts, and in this leadership we will consider each part of the quest.

The Cycle: Frontier Toxic Love Quest Guide

Quest toxic love, part 1

Your first task in the quest is to hide rare discs with data and 8 smoke grenades in a communication tower. Please note that this is a Town Mission, and the cache is behind the tower.


  • 310x fp
  • 8x ICA script
  • 8500x crypto tags

Quest toxic love, part 2

In this second and last part of the quest, players must deliver 3 toxic oil seals, 10 alloys and 7 hydraulic pistons. All these items can be found in different places on the map.

Toxic glands, both red and green, can be found in dead explosive ticks and acidic ticks. They are most often found in rivers and around the swamps. Secondly, alloys can be found in garbage containers and industrial boxes. It also includes static ATP in the industrial zone.

Finally, hydraulic pistons can be found in industrial boxes. They can also be found as an accidental static spavna in the industrial zone.


  • 380x fp
  • 11 ICA certificates
  • 9400x crypto tags


The awards of the quest Poisonous love

At the end of the mission, players receive 10 gas grenades, and the purchase of gas grenades in ICA is unlocked.

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