Steampunk Open World MMORPG Noahs Heart pre -registration starts

Steampunk Open World MMORPG Noahs Heart pre -registration starts

On the 24th, Akasor Games will begin pre-registration of Open World MMORPG ‘Noah’s Heart’. This pre-registration can be participated in various sites such as the official website, Google Play, Apple App Store, and Akaplay.

All applicants of Noah’s Heart Pre-registration will be presented with in-game items such as casual partners (white), lucky coins, diamonds, and narrative Spirit modifications. In addition, if you achieve a specific number of people, including 100,000, 500,000, and 1 million people, you will receive additional elemental boxes, sophisticated gift boxes, and Spirit contracts.

‘Noah’s Heart’ is a steampunk adventure game that portrays what happens on a subtle planet, along with Spirit, named after famous characters such as Verian Shakespeare, Sibol Hippocrates, and Bach. You can experience the battles of gorgeous and fast tempo, such as changing weapons depending on the combo action and the situation.

In addition to hunting and battle such as PVP and PVE, various lifestyle contents such as cooking, crafts, and foundations were applied to solve boredom.


For more information on the pre-registration of ‘Noah’s Heart’, please visit the official website.

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