Summary of PS5 sales information [July 2] ─ Yamada Denki is launched lottery! Please note that it will be until July 3rd tomorrow

Summary of PS5 sales information [July 2] ─ Yamada Denki is launched lottery!
 Please note that it will be until July 3rd tomorrow

PlayStation 5 (PS5), which provides new generation game experiences, was released on November 12, 2020. This PS5 is still difficult to obtain as of 2022, and there is more demand for supply.

Here, we will check the latest information on the sales status of PS5 and the lottery sales, and mainly deliver the recruitment for a certain extent that can be applied on the web or on the official app. Please check here for receptionists that you have not yet applied and how to apply.

◆ Status of July 2nd ─ Yamada Denki started new lottery sales

Each store has been selling lottery sales on an irregular period, and on July 2, Yamada Denki has started a new reception. However, the application period will be quite short until 23:59 tomorrow, July 3, so if you wish, please complete the procedure as soon as possible. In addition, TSUTAYA continues to sell lottery sales.

In addition, invitation sales of PS5 (disk drive type) are being sold on Amazon. You need to request an invitation in advance, but you can buy PS5 if you are selected as an invitation. Because it is a so-called lottery sales method, it is not always available, but the invitation request you apply is valid for 12 months, so there is no need to apply one by one.


◆ About lottery sales of Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki has started accepting PS5 lottery. The application period is until 23:59 on July 3rd. Since the recruitment period is short, applying as soon as possible is good.

Applications for lottery are limited to once per e-mail address. In addition, the application will be made from the application form on the web, but when you win, you will visit the desired store specified at the time of application and purchase at the store.

◆ About TSUTAYA lottery sales

TSUTAYA has been selling PS5 lottery and is being accepted by the official application TSUTAYA App. The reception period is until 23:59 on July 5. The winning period is scheduled from July 20 to July 22 on July 22.

To apply, you need to log in with the TSUTAYA app and registration of a mobile card. If you win, you will be contacted by notification notification of the TSUTAYA app or an email to the registered e-mail address.

In addition, as a measure to prevent resale, the opened sticker will be pasted in the main box in advance, and the staff will open the box at the time of sale. Please note that if you do not agree with the purchase, you will be informed that the winning will be invalidated if you do not agree.

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