SEGA wants to adapt Atlus and television franchises

SEGA wants to adapt Atlus and television franchises

SEGA is looking to expand even more in cinema and television, because they are exploring the idea of taking some Atlus games to television series or cinema through real image adaptations.

Atlus worlds are full of drama, avant-garde style and convincing characters, says Toru Nakahara, main producer of SEGA in Sonic The Hedgehog’s films and the Sonic Prime television series. Stories like those of the Person franchise really resonate with our fans and we see the opportunity to expand the Lore as no one has seen-or played-before

The Japanese company has revealed the news to IGN through this publication, where he points out that expanding the forms of narration is a new and important part of the SEGA commercial strategy, so sooner or later we could see Sagas like Shin Megami Tensei Tensei, the person or even Catherine on the big screen.

Together, Sega and Atlus, they are working to give life to these stories and worlds through new media and for new audiences, Nakahara continued. Although they clarify that at no time came to confirm which producers would like to work, although the recent Sonic films have made them in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, while Sonic Prime has Wildbrain Studios and Netflix in production.

For bringing the news again to our land, it turns out that it arrives shortly after Microsoft and Nintendo announced that person 3 portable, person 4 Golden and person 5 Royal would arrive at their consoles and PC, on October 20 in the case of the last of the list. Of the other two we still have no dates, but in addition to Xbox and Switch we know that they will also reach PlayStation consoles.

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