All Cruzadas Figures of Pokemon X Sailor Moon

All Cruzadas Figures of Pokemon X Sailor Moon

Postgk is an excellent website to buy your favorite statues and anime figurines. However, of all the collections of the company, its crossing of Pokemon and Sailor Moon has been very popular throughout the community. If you want to know more about this collaboration, we provide you with a list of these exclusive articles.

All the crossed figures from favorgk pokemon x sailor moon

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, Postgk has been associated with CP and Yaya Studios to create figurines of the beloved Pokémon characters. Here is a list of all the cross-confirmed crossings on the website.

Psychk Marinero Venus Cosplay

Source: PostGK

The adorable interpretation of Psychk by Sailor Venus is one of the few collectibles on the Postgk website. This water type Pokémon has gained much more traction, especially since the launch of detective Pikachu. As for the character, Sailor Venus (also known as Minako Aino), is one of the first members to receive powers within Sailor Moon, and now has a completely new appearance in this recent crossover.

Psychk Marinero Jupiter Cosplay

Source: PostGK

Atlético Sailor Jupiter is another member shown in this Pokémon collaboration. She acts as the group’s strategist in the anime thanks to the immense strength and unique talents of it. When she is civil, she calls herself Makoto Mako Kino and attends Public Secondary School together with other members of Sailor Guardians.


Psychk Marinero Mercury Cosplay

Source: PostGK

Although Sailor Mercury was very shy at the beginning of the series, she eventually stands out as the group’s girlfriend. Like Psyduk, she is a gentle being, but if you press her buttons enough, both will fight with everything they have. Now, with this crossing, the two characters can become one in this new and adorable version of cosplay.

Pikachu Chiba Mamoru cosplay

Source: PostGK

Together with Psychk in this crossover is Pikachu, one of the most popular pokémon in the franchise. At this crossing of Sailor Moon, we see the creature disguised as Chiba Mamoru, also known as Tuxedo Mask. This article also shows Mamoru’s classic roses that are seen in many anime episodes. With the combination of Pikachu’s electricity and the penetrating red weapon of Tuxedo Mask, this figure is essential for your collection.

Pikachu Marinero Luna Cosplay

Source: PostGK

Last but not least, there is the figure of Sailor Moon and Pikachu Cosplay. Since Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist of the anime, it is not surprising that it is one of the exclusive elements within this crossover. Together with the attire and accessories characteristic of her, there is the legendary magic wand of her, which has also been an article of real life sought by fans.

Pikachu’s articles are currently exhausted, but there is still time to book Psychk variants. Therefore, be sure to obtain them as long as you can, since these figurines are exhausted incredibly fast.

Now that you know all the crossed figures pleasegk Pokemon and Sailor Moon , you can explore their website to see if these items are available. To get more anime content, you can see our articles on other figures, such as the Figure Yor Forger Nendoroid of Spy X Family and the collectible Nier: Automata of Square Enix. Be sure to consult the relevant links below and look for Sailor to keep up with the latest news and updates.

Outstanding Image Source: PLEASEGK

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