All cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder (Spoilers)

All cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder (Spoilers)

When it comes to all television films and programs linked to the Marvel cinematographic universe, fans always look for references and links to previous events, or even future events that are yet to come. In fact, omen seems to be a key part of experience. With Thor: Love and Thunder now in theaters, it is not an exception to the rule, with many new faces that appear along with some acquaintances. So if you are wondering about all the cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder Here is a useful list to guide you.

_ The following information is firmly in spoilers territory when it comes to the film. If you want to enjoy the show without knowing the many surprises that await you, this is the time to back down. _

All Thor cameos: love and thunder

Theater Loki-Matt Damon

Matt Damon is back as Loki on the theater stage and gives everything to recreate the events that took place in Thor: Ragnorok. It is enough to say that things are not so serious in this work.

Thor Theater-Luke Hemsworth

Next to the false Loki is the false Thor, once again interpreted by the brother of the main actor Chris Hemsworth, Luke. Hemsworth’s older brother has more screen time this time with Damon’s Loki, and the couple is not alone in that regard.

Odin Theater-Sam Neill

Completing the group that returns from Thor: Ragnorok is Sam Neill’s odin, which causes many laughs with his interpretation of everything. If you ever wanted a version of Shakespeare from the Nordic gods, Thor: Love and Thunder covers you.

Hela Theater-Melissa McCarthy

As we are talking about events in Thor: Ragnarok, we cannot let Hela miss the action. Comedian Melissa McCarthy arrives as Hela on stage, and we cannot avoid thinking about the potential that she could have had this delivery choice instead of Cata Blanchett on paper.

Goddess Bast-Akosia Sabet

For more serious things, Thor’s events: Love and Thunder come to our heroes facing the imminent threat of Gor the God Butcher. An army is needed, and the power of the gods will be useful. This is where we first see the goddess Bast, sitting right in front of Mighty Thor.

A goddess who is worshiped in Wakanda and, in reality, in ancient Egypt, the deity is the protector of the Panther clan and, of course, that means that she is linked to Black Panther and Wakanda.

Hercules-Brett Goldstein

As we had previously shared in our rear to the credits, we finally see a new player enter the MCU in the form of Goldstein Hercules. In the scene of half of the credits, we see Zeus healing his wounds and swearing revenge against Thor, and that task is given to Hercules. Most likely we see Thor and Hercules face face to face in the future.

Heimdall-Bris Elba

At the end of the credits, we also have a scene that serves as a farewell to the beloved Heimdall. In a brief cameo, the honorable guardian of Bifrost welcomes Dr. Jane Foster Al Valhalla after her sacrifice, and this will probably be the last time we see Elba’s character in the UCM.

That is all the cameos in Thor: Love and Thunder that you can expect. If you decided to ruin the movie before watching it on the big screen, be sure to check the 10 things you should remember before seeing Thor: Love and Thunder. Otherwise, be sure to look for Thunder for everything else.

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