LoL: The LPL celebrates HanFu in the best way and with the players of the league as protagonists

LoL: The LPL celebrates HanFu in the best way and with the players of the league as protagonists

Riot Games has a habit of creating events around traditional holidays. For Westerners, Halloween or Christmas are the celebrations that first come to mind for League of Legends. It’s also happened before that the studio has teamed up with some fashion designers, like Louis Vuitton for True Damage skins. So it’s no wonder that the LPL decided to do the same, creating a mini-event around HanFu.

What is HanFu?

The HanFu is a traditional Chinese garment, whose origins date back to the Shang Dynasty, which ruled the Yellow River Valley, in 2000 BC. This outfit has been adapted over the millennia and is still worn today on certain occasions. It is not an outfit for every day, but clothing for special occasions. Despite this ceremonious side, they are also pieces used by some Chinese dressmakers. These are the garments that inspired Japanese kimonos and Korean hanboks.

Their name has not preserved the imprint of the dynasty under which they were born, but that of the Han dynasty, which reigned for 4 centuries from-202 to 220 AD. (with a short break between AD 9 and 25). The end of this dynasty marks the beginning of the Three Kingdoms period.

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Where is the competition in LPL?

Victory Five confirms their excellent form since the Spring Split. The team is currently undefeated, with 7 wins, and although they still have to face some of the top teams, they managed to beat the winners of the Spring Split and MSI, RNG. They will try to continue this momentum, this Sunday at 13:00 against EDG, currently fourth in the standings.

Second place is JD Gaming, who also have 7 wins under their belt, but suffered a loss against FPX. This result was quite surprising, with the Chinese team in a delicate situation with 3 wins and 5 losses. Top Esports completes the podium, with 6 wins and one loss.

As for the RNG guys, even though they’re not on the podium, there’s not necessarily a reason to worry. The team has played the fewest games since the resumption, and so far has 4 wins and 2 losses. But they still have two more games to play, so we still don’t know exactly where they will finish.

As for the teams that disappoint, we can count Invictus Gaming, who definitely don’t win this season. After missing the playoffs in the Spring Split, the former world champions currently sit penultimate, with just one win in 7 games. Bilibili Gaming is also struggling, with 2 wins and 5 losses. The team had shown great things in the previous split and even reached the playoffs, but they lost their start. On the other hand, Everyone’s Legend made a good start to the championship, when they were playing for the last places in the spring.

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