All the horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands and how to get them

All the horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands and how to get them

Wild Horse Islands is the perfect Roblox game for girls, boys and anyone who loves horses. Embark on an island adventure, discover different types of horses in the wild and take on the challenge of taming them. You have to collect a lot of horses, and on each mystical island you will find many secrets and surprises. Here are all the available horses in the Wild Horse Islands and how you can add them to your collection!

All types of horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands

There are many different breeds of horses on the Wild Horse Islands, and some are rarer than others. While most horses have a chance of spawning on any island, in some cases breeds are more likely to spawn on one particular island. You will have to keep your eyes peeled and have the patience to hunt them all down.


Although Friesians are one of the most sought after breeds, they are not relatively strong or large. They can be difficult to spot, but are most often spotted on King’s Island.

  • Black frieze
  • Disappearing black frieze
  • Gray frieze
  • Black pinto frieze
  • Friesian chestnut liver
  • White frieze


Clydesdales are one of the strongest horses with significantly larger bodies. Although they are rarely found in the wild, they have a chance to appear on any of the islands, and no special lasso is required to tame them.

  • Brown Clydesdale
  • Bay Clydesdale
  • Black Clydesdale
  • Clydesdale chestnut
  • Dapple Palomino Clydesdale
  • Dapple Gray Clydesdale


Thoroughbred horses are also one of the most sought after breeds. Most likely due to their high speed, which makes them faster than all other species.

  • Brown Thoroughbred
  • Bay Thoroughbred
  • Black Thoroughbred
  • Thoroughbred chestnut
  • White Thoroughbred
  • Purebred gray dappled
  • Spotted Palomino Thoroughbred

Quarters of horses

The Quarter Horse is known as a starter breed in the Wild Horse Islands because it is one of the most common breeds found in the wild. Although they are seen faster than others, they can still have a more balanced skill set.

  • Bay Quarter Horse
  • Black quarter horse
  • Brown quarter horse
  • Chestnut Quarter Horse
  • Gray quarter horse
  • Deerskin Horse
  • Horse Palomino Quarter


Despite their unique names, fjords are not much different from paint horses or quarter horses. Although it is known that they are rarer versions and are sold on the market for more. They have higher stamina and strength skills, and are usually only seen in white or brown colors.

  • Brüblakfjord
  • Rodblakkfjord
  • Gra Fjord
  • Ulsblakkfjord
  • Gulblakkfjord


Although the Paint Horse is another of the most common breeds found throughout the islands, two types of Paint Horse are less common than the others⁠—the Blue Roan and the Deer. Buckskin can usually only be found on Forest Island and Roan is usually included on Desert Island.

  • Black tobiano painthorse
  • Bay Tobiano Painthorse
  • Blue roan tobiano painthorse
  • Chestnut Overo Painthorse
  • Palomino Tobiano Painthorse
  • Gray tobiano painthorse
  • Buckskin Sabino Paint Horse
  • Painthorse Overo in gray apples


Arabian horses are known for their maximum endurance, surpassing all other breeds in endurance. They can travel longer and farther without getting tired, although they are very rare to find in the wild.

  • Bay Arabian
  • black arab
  • Gray Arabic
  • Arabian chestnut
  • Bay Sabino Arabian
  • black sabino arabic
  • Black Rabicano Arabic
  • Chestunut Rabicano Arabic


The Appaloosa is another of the most common breeds, with a few exceptions. The Leopard and Red Roan types stand out from the rest as rare. Leopard Appaloosa can only be found on Blizzard Island while Red Roan lives on Desert Island.

  • Bay Appaloosa
  • Chestnut Appaloosa
  • Buckskin Appaloosa
  • Gray Appaloosa
  • Red Roan Appaloosa
  • Leopard Appaloosa
  • Appaloosa peacock



Mustangs are similar to quadrupeds, but with a few new coat options and slightly increased speed skills. Their rare coat types are Black Overo, Palomino Sabino and Buckskin Tobiano, but they can still be found on any island.

  • Black Overo Mustang
  • Bay Mustang
  • Palomino Mustang
  • Buckskin Mustang
  • Grullo Mustang
  • Buckskin Tobiano Mustang
  • Black Mustang
  • Brown Mustang
  • Palomino Sabino Mustang


Andalusians differ little from the Mustang breed in terms of appearance and skills. However, they do have some of the rarest coats in the game, such as the Cremello and Pearl Andalusians, which are the hardest to find.

  • Andalusian Spotted Buckskin
  • Andalusian Dark Bay
  • Cremello Andalusian
  • Gray Andalusian
  • Black Andalusian
  • Andalusian red chestnut
  • Andalusian chestnut
  • Andalusian pearls

How to get horses in Roblox Wild Horse Islands

The real task of domesticating horses is usually easier than identifying the breeds you like. While almost all species have a chance to spawn on any of the islands, rarer species are not only less likely to spawn, but may require a stronger lasso to catch. Don’t worry⁠-when you meet a horse you like in the wild, catching it will be a breeze if you know how.

Craft Arcana

To catch horses, you need to have a lasso. You can create a lasso by clicking Tab to open your inventory and then clicking the Craft button at the bottom left. After the Crafting menu opens, switch to the lasso page. You will see all the possible arcana you can create, but some of them will require you to have a higher level. You will always need rope and other special materials such as various ores to craft lassoes. If you have the right ingredients, you will see a small green checkmark next to the items and you can click the Craft button at the bottom of the menu. The higher the level of the lasso, the stronger it will be, which will make catching horses much easier.

Catch a horse with a lasso

Once you create a lasso, you can use it to catch any horses you see in the wild. Press 2 on your keyboard or Select with lasso on the inventory toolbar at the bottom of the screen. When your lasso is equipped, you will see a ring with lasso symbols on the ground wherever you point your cursor. To catch a horse, place this ring near the horse and press your left mouse button to throw.

Note that the meter above the horse will increase each time you successfully throw the lasso. The number displayed shows how many times you will need to lasso him. Rare horses will take a few more tries than normal horses, so you may need to make a stronger lasso that will fill that meter faster. Once the gauge is full, the horse is tamed and added to your collection.

Hogan’s Store

If it’s too hard for you to find the horse you want in the wild, you can always go to town on any island and find Hogan’s Horse Shop. Hogan sells a variety of horse breeds here, which change from time to time and vary from place to place. You need some coin to buy a horse you like, but remember that rarer horses will cost more. Some of the best horses can only be purchased with Robux.

This is a list of all the horses you can find on the Wild Horse Islands and how to catch them. Tell us in the comments below what breeds you managed to collect and where you found them!

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