Art of My Hero Academia shows us toga in the Twice suit

Art of My Hero Academia shows us toga in the Twice suit

While the fans of the manga of My Hero Academia are approaching at the end of Kōhei Horikoshi, those who have only seen the anime are preparing for the beginning of the sixth season in just a few months. In this way, an illustration by the Horikoshi assistant gives us a look at one of the most important relationships of this series.

Throughout the history of my Hero Academia, the relationship between Toga and Twice, two of the members of the Villains League, has grown substantially, to the degree that in the fifth season we saw Twice cry when she thought that the companion of he died. In this way, Yoshinori, Horikoshi assistant, shared an illustration where we can see Toga in the double villain suit.

For those who are aware of the manga, this is a great tribute to the relationship between these two characters, while those who have only seen the anime, This work could well be a small spoiler about the events that will take carried out in the future.

The sixth season of My Hero Academia is expected to be released at some point in October 2022 . In related issues, it is revealed how strong Shigaraki is. Similarly, Midoriya’s return to manga approaches.

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