Riot, the star guardian theme song with Cheongha

Riot, the star guardian theme song with Cheongha

Riot Games on July 17 (Sunday), its representative PC game ‘League of Legends’ (LOL)’ EVERYTHING Goes on Remix.


EVERYTHEINGGOES ON, where LoL Champions Caesa and Jaya overcome their losses and move together with new colleagues, are music producer Porter Robinson and LoL Senior composer Brendon Williams ) The song was jointly worked.

Everything Goes on Remix is a remix song that adds a refreshing and brilliant feeling with the voice of K-POP artist Cheongha, as well as K-POP interpretation while maintaining the melody of the original song. It is also a view that the original song was saved, but the ‘special Korean lyrics’ that Cheongha wrote directly for Korean players was included. Everything Goes on Remix is receiving hot attention by exceeding 100,000 YouTube views in 19 hours.

Riot Games said, We wanted to create meaningful content for Korean players, and it would be more meaningful if it was a work that melted Korean elements. In addition to K-POP’s representative artist Cheongha, I wanted to contain the characteristics of K-POP in the song. EVERYTHING GOES on Remix, reinterpreted as a voice of Cheongha, can be found on the official LOL official YouTube channel.

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