Extended spider version

Extended spider version

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Spider-Man: No Way Home would return to movie theaters, this under the subtitle of The More Fun Stuff version, which will include additional scenes of all the characters. However, nothing had been mentioned about the release date, but this has changed a short time for the fortune of fans.

Through an official statement, Sony Pictures C Onfirmed that next September first (at least in the United States and Mexico) users will be able to wait for the film in their favorite cinema. In addition, it is said that there will be new content in relation to the others Spider-Man, so it will be a great opportunity to see more scenes of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

Very soon in a cinema near you! Check out the global launches of #Spidermannowayhome-The More Fun Stuff version and keep the date!


It is worth commenting that this is not the first time that a tape related to Marvel carries out this practice, since Avengers: Endgame also had its relaunch with an extra appearance of Hulk . With this new launch, the tape is likely to become one of the most funds has raised for Sony and perhaps the comics brand.

For its part, it will be a great way to wait for the premiere of Black Panther 2, film that arrives on November 11 to the billboard. Chains like Cinépolis or Cinemex have not mentioned anything from the return of Spidey , but probably put the tickets in presale within a couple of weeks later.

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