How to breed residents in minecraft

How to breed residents in minecraft

In our manual for breeding residents of the village in Minecraft, it is told how to breed residents of the village in order to increase the population of nearby villages! We will consider all the requirements for the breeding that you must follow. This leadership was also updated with the latest version of 1.19 Minecraft.

Maybe you have created too many problems with the local village, and negative gossip spreads about you. Perhaps you have dreams of a more Orwell character. Regardless of how you got here, you need many, many villagers. In this leadership, you will find everything you need to know about breeding rural residents , including how it was changed in version 1.14 and the following preliminary issues. Only for this part you can go to changes at 1.14 below. If you are a beginner in breeding rural residents, read on!

Search for residents for propagation in minecraft


The easiest way to find a resident is to look for a village! These collections of buildings seem scattered around the world and will look different depending on the local climate. Be careful when approaching a new place . **** Village and Pillage has added new inhabitants to the world of Minecraft, and many of them will not be happy to see you. These unfortunate rural residents include:

  • Zombie-livers
  • Robbers
  • Vindicators
  • Evovlers
  • Illusionists

In each village you can find blocks such as a table for plumage, a department, a barrel and others that serve as jobs for residents of the village. Any neighboring rural resident can apply for one of these places of work and begin to offer the player the relevant transactions. For example, the department is a place of work of the librarian who will buy paper from you if you talk to him. When it comes to trading with rural residents, you need to learn a lot, but first, just talk with every rural resident and see what transactions they can offer.

Fundamentals of breeding village inhabitants in Minecraft

When you first get to the village, you can already see running large-headed babies! Small rural residents need 20 real minutes to grow, and as soon as they grow completely, they will fit in any place of work left unattended and begin to offer transactions. Unlike other mobs in Minecraft, the inhabitants of the village cannot be bred by command, simply feeding them with a certain subject. Instead, they plan their families, deciding to multiply on their own, if two main requirements who met.

First, Both parents should eat well . The rural residents really have eight hidden inventory slots (only 12 slots), where they can store food and seeds, and each parent will need to fill one of these slots one of the following :

  • 3 bread
  • 12 carrots
  • 12 potatoes

In total, rural residents should have 12 separate food slots. Potatoes and carrots occupy one separate slot, so you need only 12 such vegetables. Bukhanka of bread, however, make up four slots per loaf, so you need only three loaf of bread.

Residents of the village will share food with each other when they will have superfluous, and you can help by throwing food to the hungry residents of the village. As soon as two residents are ready to reproduce, they will wait until the evening of the same day. Then, if all the requirements are fulfilled, they will consume the necessary food in the process, quickly giving birth to a new village resident for about 20 minutes.

Changes to Minecraft version 1.14

These changes may debut in version 1.14, but they still work with the latest version. The largest change in comparison with previous versions is that the inhabitants of the village now determine their readiness to reproduce based on the number of nearby beds and not the number of nearest doors. Previously, the strategy for turning villages into cities was to pack tiny rooms like sardines with a wooden door for every inhabitant.

Now residents of the village have developed some standards of life. In order for the two inhabitants of the village to have a child, it must be one bed for each of them to sleep in , plus one for the child . This means that large rooms with a large number of beds and a constant source of food are a new magic formula for pumping babies from village inhabitants.

The rooms should be large enough so that there are at least two empty blocks above the beds. This will enable the new little resident of the village to jump onto the bed. Remember that you need three beds built next to each other to breed a child.

Exceeding restrictions

The biggest problem with the reproduction of rural residents is that any village will ultimately stop growing as soon as there are no unoccupied beds for a new child. This problem is best solved by sending the newborn inhabitants of the village a long distance from their original bed. To do this, you can use the automatic system of wagons or waterways. And before you say that it would be too cruel, be sure that the kids will forget everything about their old village less than 10 seconds after they pass 36 quarters.

This will solve your problem with overpopulation and provide a convenient way to transport residents of the village to their new houses. In order for your Villager factory to work at full capacity, consider using dispensers or automatic combine to maintain a constant supply of food.

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