Launched on November 11 for the masterpiece tactical RPG remake Tactics Ogreborn Steam/PS/Switch! Not only video and sound but also game design are renewed

Launched on November 11 for the masterpiece tactical RPG remake Tactics Ogreborn Steam/PS/Switch!
 Not only video and sound but also game design are renewed

Square Enix announced the tactical RPG Tactics Ogurborn and announced that it will be released on November 11, 2022 for various information and PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch. 。

This work is a tactical RPG with the original Tactics Oga released for Super NES in 1995 as an episode 7 of Ouga Battle Saga consisting of a total of eight chapters, which is called Zeteginea.

In addition to a large scenario added in 2010, based on the PSP software Tactics Ouga Fate Ring, which includes new systems and abundant elementary elements, the game design was renewed as well as graphics and sounds. Users who once played Tactics Ouga provide unprecedented experiences for users who play beyond memories for the first time.

Characteristics of Tactics Ogaribone

Improvement of video expressiveness

~ Not only the high resolution of graphics, but also the convenience of operation is renewed with the UI

  • High resolution of characters and BG
    The depiction of characters and BG, which boasted unparalleled quality from the original Tactics Oga, is even higher. The expression is enhanced by taking advantage of the texture of the precisely drawn pixel art which is the characteristic of this game.

  • UI has been renewed
    The UI has been renewed not only in high resolution, but also in consideration of the ease of grasping information and simplification of the operation procedure.

Improvement of sound expressiveness

~ Full voice compatible with the cut scene, reconstructed SE, and BGM re-recorded in live performances excites the story-

The cut scene is fully voice compatible, and the SE is rebuilt! Not only gives even a more immersive feeling to the heavy group drama composed of characters with various ideas, but also the realism of the battle scene has been improved. The audio contains two types of Japanese and English. You can always switch from an in-game configuration.

All BGMs were re-recorded by live performance by the composer of Tactics Oga. Sometimes the suspicious melody runs a sense of tension, and sometimes a breathing is relaxed by a gentle melody. The growing and lingering sounds unique to live performances further enhance the immersive feeling of gameplay. In addition, a new song from this book is also included.

Remake the battle design

~ Remake battle designs such as character development, battle AI

Level management for each unit
Changed from a system that manages the level for each class used in the Tactics Oga Fate of Fate to the system that manages the level for each unit. Each unit allows you to simply experience the thinking fun of thinking, such as how to combine changes in class growth, weapons, skills, and magic, and how to challenge the battle to the battle.

Battle AI is renewed
The enemy’s tactics change according to the shape of the battlefield and the battlefield. We will create a battle that is fun to think about how to fight according to the situation.

Improvement of playability
We have made various improvements in pursuit of ease of play, including improving battle tempo and auto save functions.


Valeria Island floating in the Sea of Obero… On this island, which has flourished as a relay of marine trade since ancient times, the dispute has not ended over the hegemony. There was a man who ended such a long battle. He is Dorgalua, who was later called the overpass.

King Dorgalua strives to remove the conflict between ethnic groups, and Valeria will prosper for half a century.

However, after the king’s death, the three-class Baklams, the Gargastan, the majority of the population, and the Walsta of the ethnic minorities, fell again, and Valeria fell again.

The Baklam camp and the Gargastan camp seemed to have calmed down in two shapes of the island, but no one knew it was a faint silence.

Denim Powell [Denam Pavel]

CV: Tomoaki Maeno

Can I pollute that hand for ideals…?

Walsta, 18 years old
The protagonist of this work. When the Minato Town Golite is attacked by the Knights, his father, Plan See, is taken away. Since then, he has been a member of the Walsta Liberation Army, with his older sister’s Catua, his childhood friend Weiss, and guerrilla. He has a strong sense of justice and has the ability to fulfill his ideals. On the other hand, he is thoughtful, and he may be worried about the meaning of fighting.

Kachua Powell [Catiua Pavel]

CV: Lynn

Promise. I can’t leave her sister.?

Walsta, 19 years old, Born on the 15th of the Dark Dragon
Denim’s older sister. Walsta. She lost her mother when she was young, and she has lived with her father and brother since then. Poured her excessive affection to her younger brother, denim. She is the father of her father, her father, and she is trained as a priest and participates in guerrilla activities with her younger brother denim and her childhood friend vice. But because of her ideals, because she fears losing her younger brother, denim.

Weiss Boseck [Vyce Bozeck]

CV: Noriaki Sugiyama

I don’t want to fight because I want to fight. I just don’t want to die, I am.

Walsta, 18 years old, Born on the 14th of the Monthly Dragon
Her father, the only sheel, is killed by the Dark Knights and becomes lonely in the world. He has a strong antipathy of the Walsta being oppressed and actively participates in guerrilla activities. A relationship that is rich in her actions and can complement each other with denim.

Dorgalua Oberis Valeria [Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria]

Bakuram, 65 years old
The king of the former Valeria kingdom. While countless nations are overwhelmed, a man who summarizes the entire island with his outstanding brain and deep people. After becoming the king, he launched a ethnic reconciliation and was praised by the people as a famous person. However, after Dorgalua’s death, Valeria rushed to the civil war due to his absence. In honor of his great achievements, it is sometimes called Hao Dorgalua.

Juda Ronway [Juda Ronwey]

What are you worried about? It’s okay, Valeria’s god is on our side.

Walsta, 52 years old, Born on the 15th of the Dark Dragon
Former Almorica Castle castle owner. After entering the civil war, he has been responding to Gargastan as a conductor of Walsta, a minority ethnic group of less than 10 % of the total population. He boldly continued to fight for six months, but eventually lost. He is now a prisoner.

Branta Mone [Brantyn Morne]

There is no word fairness in this world. People are born unfair.

Baklam, 49 years old, Born on the 11th of the Dark Dragon
The Lord of Baklam Valeria. After the death of the King of Valeria in the kingdom of Dorgala, he suddenly rises from the perspective of the priest to a regent, and is a man who burns with his ambitions. It is unknown why he gained the absolute trust of Dorgalua, but he had to neglect the royal family.

Lancelot Tartaros [LANSELOT TARTAROS]

I want to be dissatisfied because I want to be a weak person. They become the weak.

Rodith, 38 years old, born on the 22nd of the Local Dragon
A man who is the president of the Dark Knight Los Lorian, sent to Valeria in response to a secret agreement with Baklam leader Branta, located in the northern part of Valeria. The Knights are presumed to be the Pope’s unilateral being, as the Knights are the Knights of the Country Lord, the Pope of the country.


Leyunda Barbatos [Leundar Balbatos]

Do you think I’m going to succumb to the sloppy Walsta!

Gargastan, 43 years old
Leader of the Kingdom of Gargastan. He plans to reject the Walsta with ethnic purification to get the southern half of Valeria. His aggressive production has been rebounded by the ethnic group, but he has also purged with military power. A cold man who controls the Kingdom of Gargastan.

Product configuration (package version)

Normal version

Suitable retail price: 5,480 yen (tax included)

Purchase benefits by store

In e-Store, the package version of Tactics Ogaribone (regular version / Collector’s edition) and Steam version (Standard Edition / Digital Premium Edition) are lottery, and are drawn from those who have purchased and purchased. Glass pumpkin (Tactics Ogaliborn version) will be presented as a name.

Tactics Ogaliborn Collector’s Edition (e-Store Limited Edition)

Selling price: 22,000 yen (tax included)

  • The main game

  • Mini soundtrack CD (15 songs in total)

  • Scriptbook

  • Official picture book

  • Tarot card, recording pouch, mat 3-piece set

In addition to the main game
・ Mini soundtrack (CD) that contains 15 songs recorded songs re-recorded in live performances
・ Volume 3 scriptbook containing the scenario of the whole chapter
・ Official illustration of Akihiko Yoshida and Tsubasa Masao’s image illustrations, etc.
・ 3-piece set with a storage pouch and mat on a tarot card
Delivered in a special box.

  • The PS4 version of this work can be upgraded to the PS5 version without additional costs. If you have a PS4 package version, you need to insert the disk into the PS5 body when download/play on the PS5 download version, so you need to own the PS5 with a disk drive.

  • Tactics Ogaliborn Collector’s Edition is a limited quantity of Square Enix e-Store.

  • Purchase benefits by store are limited in quantity. Please note that the number is limited.

  • Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice. ※The image is an image. It might be different from the real thing.

  • Glass pumpkin (Tactics Ogaliborn version), a prize of the e-Store purchase campaign, may be distributed as a prize in other gift campaigns in future marketing measures.

Product configuration (download version)

Standard Edition

Selling price: 5,480 yen (tax included)

Standard Edition Reservation Benefits

Tactics Ogalibone Digital Mini Soundtrack

Select three songs from the game implemented songs. By the hand of composer Motohito Saki, you can enjoy songs that are reserved in live performances.

Digital Premium Edition

Selling price: 8,780 yen (tax included)

  • The main game

  • Tactics Ogalibone Original Soundtrack

Game implementation re-recorded with live music, including songs that are familiar in Tactics Oga, such as Tactics Ogaliborn by composer Motoshito Saki, and FIGHT IT OUT! And Limitation. Includes 74 songs.

Digital Premium Edition Reservation Benefits

Tactics Oga (1995) Digital mini soundtrack

Select 10 songs from the original Tactics Ouga sound source released in 1995. You can enjoy the sound source that has already been completed since then, which is a bit different from the songs of Tactics Ogaliborn, which were re-recorded in live performances.

  • Digital premium edition is sold only in the PS5, PS4 version, and Steam version.

  • Reservation benefits can be obtained by reservation purchase until 23:59 on November 10, 2022.

  • Internet connection is required to use various content.

  • Contents and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • The image is an image. It might be different from the real thing.

  • Tactics Ogalibone Original Soundtrack will be sold separately at a later date. Tactics Ogalibone Digital Mini Soundtrack and Tactics Ogre (1995) Digital Mini Soundtrack may be sold at a later date.

Tactics Ogurborn will be released on November 11, 2022 (Steam version on November 12, 2022) for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch.

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