Smilegate Orange Planet Entrepreneurship Foundation, 6th Orange Garden recruitment for the preliminary startup team

Smilegate Orange Planet Entrepreneurship Foundation, 6th Orange Garden recruitment for the preliminary startup team

** -In the 6th to the preliminary start-up team in the entire field from 8th to 19th,

-Orange Garden Senior Moving Orange Planet Gangnam Center. Participate in customized accelerating programs for 4 months

-Selection of excellent teams through performance presentation after the program ends. Subsequent program ‘Orange Farm’ participation opportunities and assistance to investment attraction

The Orange Planet Startup Foundation (hereinafter referred to as Orange Planet) announced today that it will recruit six Orange Garden.

Orange Garden is a growth support program for preliminary start-up teams preparing to enter the market. Preliminary start-up teams can check their business models and upgrade their business strategies through Orange Garden. In particular, the advantage is that you can hear vivid experiences and advice through mentoring and coaching with professional mentors and senior entrepreneurs.

Any team can apply for a preliminary start-up team that is preparing to start a business (preparation for the establishment of a corporation or within three years of establishment). Reception will be received from the Orange Planet website from 8th to 19th.

The Orange Planet will select preliminary start-up teams within five teams through the first document screening and the second interview and PT screening. The final teams will move in to the Orange Planet Gangnam Center and will participate in the accelerating program for four months from September to December.

The accelerating program consists of ▲ advancement of business models, professional mentor coaching on business strategies and inspections ▲ Development mentoring through smilegate development organization ▲ Smilegate Investment Investment Mentoring.

In addition, it will provide a business strategy to establish a business strategy through one-on-one matching with senior startups from Orange Planet, and mentoring for early startup management. Preliminary start-up teams, which are preparing to develop MVP development and business, will be able to share their experiences and know-how.

Excellent teams selected through the performance presentation after the end of the accelerating program can participate in the Orange Gardens, the Orange Farm. Participants in Orange Farm can use the Orange Planet Gangnam Center for free for a year, and can enjoy various orange planet family benefits.

There is also an opportunity to name the initial investment fund reviewed by the Orange Planet and Smilegate Investment. In fact, last year, three out of 10 orange garden teams (DH Company, ELAL HR, Moyo) attracted investment through customized accelerating programs.

Meanwhile, Orange Planet has been supporting startup start-ups since 2014, and the company’s value for startups has been supported over the past eight years. The company has operated a customized program before the start-up that leads to ‘Orange Park-Orange Garden-Orange Farm-Orange Valley’, and has been trying to create a start-up ecosystem where startups can continue to grow.

An official of Orange Planet said, We expect this program to help the preliminary start-up teams establish a business model and business strategy in the process of preparing for start-ups. We plan to check the business roadmap in detail and to support them in various ways to succeed in entering the market later.

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