Valorant: Kru defeats TBK to advance to the next round within the LCQ

Valorant: Kru defeats TBK to advance to the next round within the LCQ

The second day within the Last Chance Qualifier begins with great clashes, taking into account that the action of the previous day showed the capabilities of the teams to find their opportunity to advance to Champions , with two very interesting games than if They lived in the day to look for the two squads that advance to the next round.

Superior Brazil than Latam

Starting with a duel between Vivo Keyd and the E-Xolos Lazer squad that began on a bind map where mwzera would be the protagonist in the first part by dropping the paint housings at the right times to send The 7-5, changing the reaction of those of Tijuana, would be very favorable to tie the series, however, the Brazilians would keep calm and manage to close the game in their favor.


For the second scenario we see a fracture that began dominated by VK who put the rivals in a complicated situation sending a 9-3 thanks to Rglmeister that used Brimstone very solidly, during the second half the Scenario was still complicated but the Xolos will propose some things but the map management would be in favor of Brazil who would put the end to the series for them.

of rose looks better

In the second contest Kru Esports fights the Black Knights starting in a Breeze that would be favorable at the beginning for Latinos leaving Nagzet with chamber and that would cause great ravages to put the 8-4, changing On the sides the pink team would keep the battlefield controlled to excel the first contest with a favorable victory for them 13-5.

Passing to Haven The TBK team began with total aggressive On the scoreboard, at the change of roles the difference was notorious for the Brazilians who would put the last points quickly and effectively manage to send the series to a third map.

To close we see an Ascent where both teams would have all the possibilities of taking the match but Mazino would be the one that opened with its kay/or with great casualties and initiations that allowed the pink team to create opportunities that They were given 8-4, in the second part Tuyz would be present with their jett to support their teammates and send an overtime the meeting, during the extra mazine time it is present to be able to settle the game 14-12.

With the results of the day, the games between LATAM are maintained against Brazil for the remaining games, we have now seen that the changes have benefited some squads to feel more comfortable during these days, the action continues tomorrow where the teams From the upper part they fight to reach the final phase that could give the cup to the World Cup.

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